WAS Hosting in WCF Service

As we all know that IIS 6 supports HTTP protocol only.
Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) supports non-http protocols in IIS. So, WAS helps WCF service to host with HTTP and NO-HTTP protocols such as net.tcp.

Once you changed binding in the config file to netTcpBinding
Your service will throw this error.

Don't worry there is an easy solution for that.

Go to IIS (run->inetmgr) and right click on a website in IIS. Manage Website->Advance Settings. You may notice available protocols. IIS by default supports HTTP protocol only.

Non HTTP activation in WCF service

To activate Non-HTTP go to control panel then click on Turn Windows features on or off. 

WCF service WAS Host

And then you may add other protocols as well in IIS. 
WCF non HTTP activation

Once you made all these changes your service should run with netTcpBinding.

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