How does Onion Architecture differ from Clean Architecture?

Onion Architecture and Clean Architecture both are used to provide a standard architecture to the software. These architectures play a key role when we build large and complex projects which require regular enhancements.In this article, we will understand Onion architecture and Clean architecture in detail. Also, we will see a basic example of a .Net … Read more

What is AutoMapper in C#?

AutoMapper is used to map data between two objects. In this blog, we will see how to use AutoMapper in our application. Let’s demonstrate the use of Automapper by an example. Suppose we have a class called Employee with 2 properties in it – Name and City class Employee     {         public string Name … Read more

HTTP GET Method vs HTTP POST Method

In this article, we will see the GET vs POST methods in detail.GET and POST are 2 important HTTP verbs. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) manages client and server request-response. HTTP GET Method HTTP POST Method Watch this video to learn differences between GET and POST Conclusion So, we can now understand the GET … Read more

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

In this blog, we will come to know about the open-source framework given by Microsoft i.e. ASP.Net Core. What is ASP.NET Core? The ASP.NET Core is a new open-source framework introduced by Microsoft. Originally it was called ASP.Net 5 but later renamed to ASP.Net Core and released the first version of ASP.Net Core in the … Read more

Error – Request header field Content-Type is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.

I was working on a project where I wrote a web method and called this web method from JQuery.While accessing the web method I got this error –“Request header field Content-Type is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.”In debugging, I couldn’t find any issue with the code either in C# or in JQuery.Then I … Read more

Introduction to .Net Core 2.0

If you are new to .Net Core, please read my earlier blog on .Net Core 1.0 Recently Microsoft released .Net Core 2.0 i.e on 14th Aug 2017. So developer like you and me can start developing .Net Core 2.0 application. Dot net core).Net Core 2.0 is ready to work on your local machine or on … Read more

Facade Design Pattern in C#.Net

Design patterns provide efficient and re-usable solutions in software development. If you are new to Design Pattern, please read my earlier blog – Design Pattern in ASP.NetFacade Design Pattern comes under Structural Design Pattern. In short, Facade means the exterior appearance. It means in Facade design pattern we hide something and show only what actually client … Read more

How to create dynamic HTML tags

How to create HTML tags dynamically? In some cases, there might be a requirement to create HTML tags dynamically. For eg, I will create below HTML structure with C# code. <ul id=”pagelist” runat=”server” class=”pages”> <li class=”active” rel=”page1″>My Page Title1</li> <li rel=”page2″>My Page Title2</li> </ul> <div class=”container” id=”container” runat=”server”> <h3 rel=”page1″></h3> <div id=”page1″>    </div> <h3 … Read more

How to maintain page scroll position after page post back in

In this blog, I will write about How to maintain page scroll position after page post back in ASP.Net. Suppose there is a page with a huge number of inputs and in one case some error/exception occurs at bottom of the page. But in the postback, the page scroll position moved to the top. In … Read more