Linq in C# Programming

Before using LINQ in C#, please read my earlier blog to get some basic idea about what is LINQ? LINQ can be used in C# in different ways : One way is to use with Lambda ExpressionAnother way is to use Anonymous function Below code will return string of length less than 5. string[] countryArr = … Read more

Introduction to Linq to SharePoint

Introduction to Linq to SharePoint LINQ is a way to access external data sources.SharePoint Foundation 2010 comes with its own LINQ to SharePoint provider.The namespace which contains the provider is Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.dll. LINQ provides strongly typed classes, this is an advantage of LINQ over CAML query.Another advantage of LINQ is that Visual Studio provides IntelliSense to … Read more

Getting started with LINQ in C#

What is LINQ? LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. LINQ defines keywords that you can use to select, filter, sort, group, and transform data. The minor miracle of LINQ is that different LINQ providers allow these keywords to work with different types of data. LINQ to Objects, LINQ to DataSet, LINQ to XML, LINQ to … Read more