Angular Interview Questions and Answers

In this blog, I have prepared a set of questions and answers related to Angular which are very important from the point of the interview.

FormControl, FormGroup and FormBuilder in Angular Reactive Form

In one of the earlier blog, I wrote about Template Driven Forms and Reactive Forms. In this blog, we will see about Reactive form in details.

Microsoft to end web browser by 2021

Microsoft will shut down its web browser Internet Explorer by 2021. This web browser could not stand in front of today's modern and advance browser, as a result only few percent of people use it today.

Setting up ApiKey-based Authentication in ASP.Net Core Web API

In this blog we will see how to develop a secure .NET Core Web API. Although there are many ways to secure the web API, but here we will talk about Apikey-based authentication.

Microsoft Azure Storage - Benefits, Types and More

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure Storage, benefits of Azure Storage and about Azure Storage accounts.

Azure load balancer and traffic manager

In this blog, we will see about Azure load balancer and Azure traffic manager.

Serverless Computing in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see about Serverless computing in Microsoft Azure Cloud service

Azure DevOps for beginners

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure DevOps and we will see how to create Projects and Azure Boards in Azure DevOps.

ASP.Net Core important interview questions and answers

In this blog, I have collected interview questions and answers of ASP.Net Core. Below are few important ASP.Net Core interview questions and answers which are helpful in interview preparation.

Cache Tag Helper in ASP.Net Core MVC

Caching is a very interesting topic in any programming language. It provides drastic changes in app performance. A cache tag is provided to implement caching in the ASP.NET Core MVC.

Entity framework Core CRUD example

In this blog, we will get a detailed look about Entity Framework Core, and we will also perform CRUD operation with ASP.Net MVC Core using Entity Framework Core.

A complete Django tutorial with Python

In this article, we will see in detail about Django web development framework.

5 Essential Points to Become a skilled Full Stack Developer

In this blog, we will look into the details about full stack developer and also some tips that will help how to become a skilled full stack developer.

Create interactive client-side UI with Blazor in .Net Core

Friends, as you all know, so far you and I have used java script for interactive client-side while developing web application in C# language. Now, an interesting twist has come. A new client side framework has been introduced with ASP.Net Core 3.0, called Blazor.

Built-in Data Structures using Python

In this blog, we will see about Data structures using Python. Friends, Data structure is a very crucial topic in any programming language. So, it is very important to clear the concept of data structure in Python.