.NET 6, .NET 7 and .NET 8 Performance Comparison

.NET 6, .NET 7 and .NET 8 Performance Comparison

As per Microsoft .NET 8 is more optimized than .NET 7 and .NET 6. Also, .NET 8 is the fastest version compared to .NET 6 and 7. In this article, we will compare .NET 6, 7 and 8 performance with the BenchmarkDotNet library. Read more about the use of BenhcmarkDotNet library. Benchmark Compare of .NET … Read more

Partial Class in C#

In this article, we will learn about partial class in C#, we will also explore the real-time use of partial class. A partial class is a special class available in C#. It provides a way to implement the functionality of a single class into multiple classes. And, at the time of compilation, all these files … Read more

C# Foreach and Parallel Foreach Loop

Foreach loop in C#

C# programming offers numerous iteration statements to iterate through an array. Some of the iteration statements are for loop, foreach loop. In this article, we will learn the use of the foreach loop in C#. Understand the Iteration concept Iteration is the execution process for a defined number of times until the given condition is … Read more

Everything about Delegate in C# with Example

Delegate in C#

A Delegate is a very important topic in C# programming. In almost all C# interviews, we face these questions.So let’s understand this topic well so that we can tell anyone about the delegate at any time. What is a Delegate in C#? In simple words, Delegate holds the reference of a method. Please don’t get … Read more

Benchmarking with BenchmarkDotNet

Benchmarking with BenchmarkDotNet

In this article, we will explore BenchmarkDotNet which is a powerful tool for benchmarking C# code snippets so that we can track the performance of a method we write. So, let’s see this in action. What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is the mechanism of measuring the performance of our code written in an application. In other … Read more

Alias any type in C# 12

Alias any type in C# 12

C# 12 has numerous amazing features. One of the interesting features is Primary Constructors and another interesting feature is the use of aliases of any type and not just named types. What it does mean? It means that now we can create aliases for tuple types, array types, and pointer types. So, in this article, … Read more

C# 12 : Primary Constructors

Primary Constructor in C#

C# 12 introduces multiple amazing features. But, one of the features which I liked most is the Primary Constructor. What is a Constructor? We are all familiar with the constructor. It is a special method which we use to initialize the object of a class. The Constructor executes as soon as we create the object … Read more

Work with Variables and Data Types in C#

C# variables and data types

In this article, we will explore Variables and Data Types in C#. Before we proceed further, let us first understand what Data is. This article is helpful for beginners or preparing for an Interview as a C# programmer. What is Data? In computer programming, data is one of the most essential parts of any application … Read more

C# Coding Best Practices – Coding Conventions with Examples

C# Coding best practices ensure that your code is consistent, readable, understandable, and maintainable. When it comes to writing quality code, there are the best C# coding standards a developer should follow to make the code cleaner and easy to maintain. There are a few things you should keep in mind while writing C# code. … Read more

Standalone Components in Angular 14: Breaking Free from Modules

Angular 14 introduced a significant concept: standalone components. These components operate independently, without relying on the traditional NgModule structure. Let’s delve into the details with an example: What are Standalone Components? Before Angular 14, usually when we create a component, we must pass it inside the declarations array of a module. If we do not … Read more