Authentication and Authorization in MVC Application

In any kind of software application, Authentication and Authorization are taken very seriously. In this blog, we will see how can we apply authorization in an MVC application. By default, all Controllers and Actions in an MVC application are accessible by anonymous users. The Authorize attribute handles authorization for a logged-in user in MVC application. … Read more

Tag Helpers in ASP.Net Core MVC

Tag Helpers is new feature introduced in ASP.Net Core MVC. Tag Helpers do the same thing as HTML Helpers does in previous versions of MVC but with a variety of changes. What are Tag Helpers? Tag Helpers helps server side code to create and render HTML tags in Razor View engine. Tag Helpers provide an … Read more

ActionName and NonAction Attribute in ASP.Net MVC

ActionName and NonAction attribute in MVC is the attribute applied to an action method. These attribute helps route engine to execute correct Action method and the respective View. ActionName Attribute ActionName attribute actually provide a alias to the action method, i.e. You can give a different name to your Action method than what is given … Read more

Caching in ASP.Net MVC

In this blog, we will see how to implement caching in MVC?Before writing MVC code for caching, you should be very much clear about “What is Caching?” What is Caching? Cache means to store it in a temp memory for future use. Caching is often used to store information that’s frequently served to users in … Read more