How to Improve API Security in ASP.NET Core for Maximum safety?

An API handle private and delicate information, we really must take on demonstrated strategies to get them. We have numerous ways of securing APIs, beginning with firewalling them behind a Programming interface gateway and getting to them over secure associations. These are all organization and framework level work. In this article we’ll talk about How … Read more

Extracting Text from Images with Azure Cognitive Services

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Level Up API Authentication with JWT Refresh Tokens in ASP.NET CORE and Angular

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.NET 6 CRUD API Example and Tutorial

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Introduction to gRPC

For the past many years, we have been using Rest Based Communication. As we know that REST is a flexible architectural style where the client communicates with the server through HTTP. Recently, a new framework for client-server communication has been invented in the industry which we know as gRPC. What is gRPC, and how does … Read more

Creating API Documentation with Swagger: A Beginner’s Tutorial

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What Developers Need to Know About the Game-Changing .NET 6 Release

.NET 6 was released on November 8 2021. Dot NET 6 conveys the latest pieces of the .NET unification plan that began with .NET 5. Dot NET 6 combines the SDK, base libraries, and runtime across mobile devices, desktops, IoT, gaming and cloud applications. Notwithstanding this unification, the .NET 6 environment offers:- .NET 6 will … Read more