How to Host a WCF Service in IIS

If you are new to WCF services then please read my earlier blogs. Go through with this link – WCF Tutorial step by step. WCF supports a various way to host a service. In this blog, I will explain about Hosting a WCF Service in IIS. How to host WCF service in IIS? Step 1: Create … Read more

Write Power Shell Script to Lock and Unloock a Site in SharePoint 2010

Below Power Shell Script will Unlock a SharePoint site if it is in locked/read-only.#Region variable declarationWrite-Host “UnLock status started…..”Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Sharepoint.PowershellSet-SPSite -Identity “<site-url>” -LockState “Unlock”Write-Host “Task completed…..”Read-Host -Prompt “The above error occurred. Press Enter to exit.”For -LockState attribute there are mainly 4 parameters that can be used:Unlock – To unlock site collection and make it available to … Read more

Introduction of JSON

What is JSON?JSON stands for Java Script Object Notation. JSON is a data exchange format between java script and server side language like jsp, etc. How to write data in JSON format ? Within script tag we write JSON data format. For eg –<script>var jsondata = {“EmployeeID” : “X1234”,“EmpDepartment” : “Information Technology”}alert(jsondata.EmployeeID); // You will … Read more