What is Redis Cache? Redis Cache Explained Simply

Redis is a data structure store that is open source and is mostly used as a database, message broker, or cache. We can consider Redis as a No-SQL data set that stores in its memory explicit key-value pair information consequently supporting steady information when required. Redis is distributed, fast, and simple to set up. It … Read more

How Cloud Computing is changing the Business Strategies for future?

In recent years, the cloud computing has arisen as the most sought after answer for organizations in for all intents and purposes. Cloud Computing comes with capacity to change existing plan of action for a better outcome.  List of factors by which Cloud is changing the Business strategies for future Cost investment funds and cost … Read more

Serverless Computing in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see about Serverless computing in Microsoft Azure Cloud service. This article is written as per AZ 900 exam preparation. What is Serverless Computing? Serverless computing is a way to abstract the servers or other hardware in infrastructure. It gives you computing options in Cloud Computing. In serverless computing, infrastructure or … Read more

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Model

In this blog, we will see about ARM Model i.e. Azure Resource Manager and Resource Group in details. What is Azure Resource Manager? One of the basic concepts of the ARM model is Resource group. ARM or Azure Resource Manager provides a logical way to group Azure services. ARM makes it easy to manage Azure Resources created … Read more

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions – 70-532 Exam Topics

Hi all, In my earlier blogs I have written about Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure. In this blog, I have listed all the topics of 70-532 exam. After clearing, 70-532 exam a candidate will be certified as “Microsoft Specialist: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification.” Who should take this exam? If you have experience in development and … Read more