Template-driven and Reactive Forms – Angular Tutorial

In this blog, we will learn about Template driven and Reactive Forms in Angular. Angular provides more than one way to build forms for user input and form validation. Template-driven Approach In the template-driven approach, Forms input and Forms validation logic go into the component’s HTML file only. The template-driven approach is fine for small … Read more

Introduction to .Net Core 2.0

If you are new to .Net Core, please read my earlier blog on .Net Core 1.0 Recently Microsoft released .Net Core 2.0 i.e on 14th Aug 2017. So developer like you and me can start developing .Net Core 2.0 application. Dot net core).Net Core 2.0 is ready to work on your local machine or on … Read more

What is Xml Serialization

In this blog, we will see XML Serialization and its implementation using C# code. Lets first understand Serialization. Serialization is the process of converting an object into a format that can be transferred over the network. What is XML Serialization? XML Serialization is the process of converting an object into XML file which is easy to read … Read more

What is AMP HTML?

In today’s digital world everybody is looking for a quicker response from serving side. A web page serves content over the internet for users.  A faster web page response will make readers happy. In the same context organization like Google working to give the fast outcome.You may also read – 10 Facts about AMP HTML … Read more

Query with OData in SharePoint 2013

OData, i.e. Open Data Protocol, which defines a protocol for the querying and updating of data.In this blog, we will see the use of oData in ASP.Net.OData is a REST-based protocol for querying and updating data and is built on standardized technologies such as HTTP, Atom/XML, and JSON.Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET provide established support … Read more

What is OAuth?

OAuth stands for Open Authorization for token based authentication and authorization over web.OAuth was first introduced in year 2007. In year 2010 OAuth2.0 was introduced. OAuth acts as an agent for a user to fetch the information.OAuth allows a user’s account information to be used by a 3rd party such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, without … Read more

What are Idempotent and Non-Idempotent methods?

After reading this article, you will be confident about Idempotent and Non-Idempotent methods?Let’s start by understanding the meaning of Idempotent.Idempotent means  “unchanged in value following multiplication by itself” Idempotent Methods Idempotent HTTP methods are those methods which will not make any modification event after calling multiple times.For eg – If your client makes a DELETE request by … Read more

How to create secure Web API in asp.net

In my earlier blog I wrote about how to create a web api in asp.net , now your WebAPIi is ready to work. Web API security is very important especially if you are allowing it to external users to consume it.Now suppose you want to control your web api in the context of security. How you … Read more

SharePoint 2013 Installation step by step

In this blog, I will explain about SharePoint 2013 installation on Windows Server 2008 R2, which I did recently on my system.Below is minimum software requirement for SharePoint 2013 installation.OS-  Windows Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack1) or aboveSQL Server – SQL Server 2008 SP1 or above.Double click on setup file and you will see below … Read more

How do i get ASP.Net Web API to return JSON

In my earlier blog, we have seen How to create a Web API? In this blog, we will see about how to return JSON data instead of XML in Web API.ASP.Net Web API returns XML by default. But we can change so that it should return JSON instead of XML. To do this open “WebApiConfig.cs” file … Read more