Lambda Expression in C# with Examples

A lambda expression is a short way to describe an anonymous function in C#. The abbreviated syntax of Lambda Expression helps to create Delegates and expressions. In this article, we will see Lambda Expression in C# with examples. A lambda function can be used to quickly define a method and then pass it as an … Read more

IQueryable Vs IEnumerable in C#

IQueryable Vs IEnumerable – Both IQueryable and IEnumerable are interfaces in .NET that represent a collection of objects. However, they have some important differences in how they work and when to use them. Let’s begin. What is IEnumerable? IEnumerable lets you iterate through a collection of objects. It contains only one method: GetEnumerator(). This method … Read more

How does Onion Architecture differ from Clean Architecture?

Onion Architecture and Clean Architecture both are used to provide a standard architecture to the software. These architectures play a key role when we build large and complex projects which require regular enhancements.In this article, we will know about Onion architecture and Clean architecture in detail. Also, we will see a basic example of .Net … Read more

Tuple in C# with Example

In this article, we will know about Tuple in C#. What is Tuple? Tuple is a lightweight data structure that may contain different data types. It is introduced in C# 7.0. Syntax to write Tuple Following code snippet is used to create a tuple with 4 elements of different data types. Create method of Tuple … Read more

5 new features in C# 10

In this article, we will look into 5 new features in C# 10. .NET 6 was released on November 8, 2021, and C# 10 works with .NET 6. C# 10 new features C# 10 introduces below new features. 1. Record Structs The keyword Record was introduced with C# 9. Record is used to define reference … Read more

SOLID Principles in C#

The SOLID principles are a standard software development practice that should be followed in all software applications which is using Object-Oriented Programming. They set the norm of how to write a program with clean architecture. SOLID principles in C# helps to write code that is easy to test, easy to maintain and easy to extend. … Read more

Factory Design Pattern

In this article, we will understand the Factory Design Pattern with C# code. It is one of the most popular design patterns used in the programming world. There are mainly 3 types of design patterns which are sub-divided into multiple patterns. Factory Design Pattern comes under Creational Pattern and the other 2 are Structural Pattern … Read more