What is ABC of WCF? WCF service comes in existence with an valid EndPoint.  An endpoint consists of 3 major components.

These components are generally refer as ABC of WCF.
A- Address (Where)
B- Binding (How)
C- Contract (What)

Address is basically an URL for eg- http://localhost:1001/myservice/testservice.svc

Binding describes that how a client will communicate with wcf service. It tells that what protocol will be used to communicate, as WCF supports various protocols like HTTP, TCP, MSMQ, Named Pipes

Contract tells that what an endpoint will communicate and client will be aware about the operations that were exposed.

<endpoint address="http://localhost:1001/myservice/testservice.svc" contract="ITestService"

In next blog, I will wrote about various types of Bindings in WCF

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