Saturday, 18 October 2014

Introduction to WCF.

What is WCF ?
WCF stands for Windows Card Foundation. Main use of WCF is to develop distributed system. WCF main feature is inter-operability.

What are Advantages of using WCF ?
1. Interoperability
2. Scalability
3. Enhance security and reliability compare to ASMX (Web services)

WCF services has following elements

Message - This is the object which get exchanged in every communication. WCF services supports message in various formats like XML, JSON, Plain Text.

Endpoint - Endpoint generally describe where to communicate.Endpoint is an address in format like http://<localhost>/myservice, net.tcp://<localhost>/mynewservice

Hosting - WCF supports multiple hosting. Self hosting, Windows Hosting, WAS (Windows Activation Service) Hosting. We will see more about WCF hosting in upcoming blogs.

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