Introduction to WCF.

What is WCF?

WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation. The main use of WCF is to develop distributed system. WCF main feature is interoperability.

What are Advantages of using WCF?
1. Interoperability
2. Scalability
3. Enhance security and reliability compare to ASMX (Web services)

WCF services has following elements

Message - This is the object which gets exchanged in every communication. WCF services support message in various formats like XML, JSON, Plain Text.

Endpoint - Endpoint generally describe where to communicate.Endpoint is an address in format like http://<localhost>/myservice, net.tcp://<localhost>/mynewservice

Hosting - WCF supports multiple hosting. Self-hosting, Windows Hosting, WAS (Windows Activation Service) Hosting. We will see more about WCF hosting in upcoming blogs.



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