Differences between RenderBody and RenderSection in ASP.NET MVC

In my earlier blog, I wrote about _ViewStart.cshtml file and MVC Routing.In this blog, I will write about RenderBody vs RenderSection in MVC. @RenderBody() vs @RenderSection() RenderBody() – RenderBody() must be available in Layout view i.e. it is mandatory for Layout viewRenderBody() does not take any parameter. A @RenderBody() in Layout page look like this – … Read more

What is ViewStart.cshtml in MVC?

Hi All, if you are new to MVC, read my earlier blogs on MVC. In my previous blog, I wrote about MVC routing. In this blog, we will see the What is _ViewStart.cshtml file? ViewStart.cshtml file _ViewStart.cshtml file is used to define the common layout page for all the views you add to your project. If you … Read more

MVC Routing in Details

Hi All, This is my another blog on MVC.In this blog, I have explained Routing in MVC. Here I will show how to create a route for different kinds of URL. What is Routing in ASP.Net MVC? MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller. But there is one hidden element of MVC which is Route. … Read more