AngularJS tutorial for .Net Developers

Hi All, Welcome to AngularJS tutorial. I have prepared this blog with my own development experience.This blog is for those .Net developer who all are willing to learn AngularJS or want to implement AngularJS in their project. Learn Angular JS implementation with latest and legacy ASP.Net technologies. 1. What is AngularJS? Angular JS is JavaScript framework … Read more

Angular JS Ng-repeat directive

In this blog I will explain about ng-repeat directives in Angular JS. ng-repeat repeats set of HTML. <div ng-app=”” ng-init=”EmpName=           Stu =[{stufname :‘John’,address:‘India’ }          ,{stufname :‘Tom’,address:‘USA’ }          ,{stufname :‘Sachin’,address:‘India’ },          {stufname :‘Rahul’,address:‘UK’ }          ,{stufname :‘Rohan’,address:‘Australia’ }          ,{stufname :‘Sunil’,address:‘India’ }          ,{stufname :‘Rohit’,address:‘India’ }];”>             <br />             <input type=”text” … Read more

Introduction to Angular JS.

What is Angular JS? Angular JS is Java Script framework introduced by Google in 2012 (version 1.0). It is an open source. Angular JS allows a developer to write a powerful client-side coding. To work with Angular JS just download angular js file from and reference it into your HTML, ASPX page. The first … Read more

Show Hide div area in Angular JS

This is my second post on angular js. In this post I have create 2 radiobutton and will show hide a div area on basis of selection.Create a “AngularModelController.js” file and write below code:/// <reference path=”angular.min.js” />var myApp = angular.module(‘angularApp’, [])myApp.controller(“angularController”, function ($scope) {    $scope.message = “This is my Angular JS post”;});Below is the … Read more