SOLID Principles in C#

The SOLID principles is a standard software development practice that should be followed in all software applications which is using Object Oriented Programming. They set the norm of how to write a program with clean architecture. SOLID principles in C# helps to write code which is easy to test, easy to maintain and easy to … Read more

Factory Design Pattern

In this article, we will understand the Factory Design Pattern with C# code. It is one of the most popular design pattern used in programming world. There are mainly 3 types of design pattern which are sub-divided into multiple patterns. Factory Design Pattern comes under Creational Pattern and the other 2 are Structural Pattern and … Read more

Middleware in .NET Core with Example

In this article, we will look into details about Middleware in .NET Core. Middleware in .NET Core are similar to HttpHandlers and HttpModules which were part of classic ASP.NET. When a user hit the request from client such as browser then before it hits to the controller, it has to pass through multiple Http Process … Read more

.NET Core Microservice Architecture implementation step by step

In this article, we will see about .NET Core Microservice Architecture and we will also see the implementation of Microservice Architecture with Ocelot API Gateway. What is Microservice Architecture? Microservice is a technique to build small services and each running and handling the logic independently. These are independent services which have their own database. Microservice … Read more

Azure Cost Management – AZ 900 Notes

Azure provides full set of cloud cost management capabilities, which includes tool in your Azure subscription to get more value out of the cloud and implement financial governance in your organization. This article is mainly focused as per AZ 900 exam. Expenditure Model Capital Expenditure (CapEx) CapEx is a money investment to purchase infrastructure in … Read more