Standalone Components in Angular 14: Breaking Free from Modules

Angular 14 introduced a significant concept: standalone components. These components operate independently, without relying on the traditional NgModule structure. Let’s delve into the details with an example: What are Standalone Components? Before Angular 14, usually when we create a component, we must pass it inside the declarations array of a module. If we do not … Read more

Solved: Only the invariant culture is supported in globalization-invariant mode

Recently, I was developing web API in .NET 8 and found the error saying the below statement with status code 500. Below is the error screenshot. Reason for the Error – The error message indicates that you attempted to use a culture identifier that is not the invariant culture. When enabling the invariant mode, all … Read more

Supercharge Your Website: Optimal IIS Settings for Blazing Speed

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The Rise of Gemini: How Google’s Latest AI is Different

Another AI is ready to insane the world of the Internet. And this time it is Google who is launching its own AI chatbot. What is Gemini AI? In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, Google’s Gemini stands as a landmark achievement. This powerful model, released in December 2023, boasts significant advancements compared to its … Read more

Unraveling the Wonders of Web3

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Unveiling the Boundless Possibilities of AI: Exploring Its Versatile Applications

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A Closer Look at Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot resembles having a smart assistant that assists computer programmers with composing code all the more effectively and rapidly. It’s a tool made by Microsoft that utilizes a sort of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Understand Copilot with a case study Imagine you’re dealing with a project where you want to compose a computer … Read more

How to Improve API Security in ASP.NET Core for Maximum safety?

An API handle private and delicate information, we really must take on demonstrated strategies to get them. We have numerous ways of securing APIs, beginning with firewalling them behind a Programming interface gateway and getting to them over secure associations. These are all organization and framework level work. In this article we’ll talk about How … Read more