How to Improve API Security in ASP.NET Core for Maximum safety?

An API handle private and delicate information, we really must take on demonstrated strategies to get them. We have numerous ways of securing APIs, beginning with firewalling them behind a Programming interface gateway and getting to them over secure associations. These are all organization and framework level work.

In this article we’ll talk about How to Improve API Security in .NET Core.

Strategies to improve API Security

We should look at the key strategies we can follow to secure the APIs in our ASP.NET Core applications.

Use authentication and authorization

Authentication is the most common way of validating client credentials and authorization is the most common way to identify the roles for a client in an application.

The very first and easy way is to apply [Authorize] attribute over an action method, other methods are Token-based authentication, API Keys.

In Token-based authentication, we can use JWT Token mechanism. While API keys can be check in header before sending data to client.

Use cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

The next security parameter is CORS. This blocks the access of an API from unknown domains or IP. CORS can be defined as attribute on action methods or in program.cs file.

Rate Limit and Throttling

Another security parameter that we can use to secure an API is rate limit.
Rate limiting is a technique that allows you to limit the number of calls to an API endpoint within a given time frame. Apply a valid rate limits for different types of requests to maintain stability and prevent misuse of the API.

We will share a fresh new article on API rate limit separately.

Input Validation and Sanitization

Validate and sanitize all incoming data to avoid the risk of attacks such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting
It actually exploit vulnerabilities in input fields.
Apply proper validations including data type, length, data format to make sure that only valid and secure data is passed to the API.

Use logging and monitoring

Logging is basic to giving further bits of knowledge into your application’s way of behaving. Monitoring is likewise of fundamental significance in recognizing and distinguishing application bugs and crashes. By utilizing thorough logging and monitoring, you will actually want to acquire a reasonable image of API usage and reveal potential security breaks and execution issues related with your API.


To build a secure API in .NET core we can use authentication and authorization, API keys, rate limiting, CORS and more. Other than these parameters, you should only store the data that you need and only for as long as you need it. Keep Following SharepointCafe.NET

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