How to check the C# version in Visual Studio 2022?

In this article, I will tell you about how to check the C# version in Visual Studio 2022.

Recently, I came across a real-time project in which I had to migrate the .Net Core older version application to .NET Core 3.1.

In my next blog, I will explain the whole migration process step by step.

But before that, I would like to explain a piece of very basic information that every .NET developer should be aware of.

How to know which C# version is being used in Visual Studio?

I copied one project which was built in Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core 2.2, then I opened the same project in Visual Studio 2022.

And I see so many errors mentioning similar lines. The error statement was –

Feature 'top-level statements' is not available in C# 8.0. Please use language version 9.0 or greater. 

So, first I checked the C# version of the current project.

To check this, right-click on the Project name in solution explorer and select Build->Advanced

You will see the Language version 8.0 as shown in the article.

How to change C# version in your project?

To change the version of C# go to the .csproj file and add the below line.


Complete .csproj file snippet.

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web">



I have used C# 10 because I am using Visual Studio 2022, you can change it according to your availability and requirement.

You may check this link for C# Version History – Evolution of .NET

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