What’s New in Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio 2022 has now been officially introduced with .NET 6. It incorporates many new features and enhancements, for example, AI IntelliCode that can auto-complete pieces of code for you and make the development experience easier.

Visual Studio 2022 Features

In this article, We’ll cover the Visual Studio 2022 Features that we found useful for developers.

It’s Finally 64-digit

Visual Studio has consistently been 32-bit, which implies it has been restricted to 4 GB of RAM in the primary cycle. It as a rule doesn’t go over this spending plan for typical undertakings, however, a few clients can run into Out-Of-Memory special cases with especially huge solutions.

.NET 6 Support

.NET 6 is the most recent version of the Dot Net Framework family. Visual Studio 2022 has underlying support for it and offers .NET 6 as the default version for new projects.

Find in Files is quicker in Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft focused on a few key highlights. For instance, Find in Files is presently however much 3x quicker while looking through large projects.

Build and Develop Modern Apps in Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 is faster and is simple to build modern, cloud-based applications with Azure. Also, the new Visual Studio additionally has full support for .NET 6 and its unified framework for web, and mobile applications for Windows and Mac system.

Multi-repo support with Git in the IDE

In case you’ve worked with projects facilitated on various Git repos, you may have utilized external tools or numerous occasions of Visual Studio to interface with them. Beginning with VS 2022 Preview 3, you can work with a single solution that has projects in various repositories and add to them all from a single instance of Visual Studio. This is an amazing Feature to save extra effort.

Source Code Management Tools

IntelliCode upgrades

New in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4, IntelliCode would now be able to spot when you’re doing day to day development tasks and suggest the right Quick Action, finishing it right as you’re composing.

In Visual Studio 2022, the IntelliCode element can now naturally finish code up to an entire line at a time.

Let’s check out the download and installation process.

Download Visual Studio 2022

Follow this link to download \ – https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/

Visual Studio 2022 For you

Once you will land on the download page, you may see 3 categories of Visual Studio to download these are Community, Professional and Enterprise. Below are the differences between these 3 to make your selection easier.

Visual Studio 2022 Community Visual Studio 2022 Professional Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
Powerful IDE, free for students, open-source contributors, and individualsProfessional IDE best suited to small teamsScalable, end-to-end solution for teams of any size

Visual Studio Installation

Once you have downloaded the installer file from the given link. Just double click to open the installer and you will see the below screen.

Visual Studio 2022 Installation Step

On the next screen, you need to do the selection for your development needs.

Visual Studio 2022 Installation Step

Create First Project in Visual Studio 2022

After the successful installation of Visual Studio 2022, let’s create our first project.

If you have used Visual Studio 2019, then it will be easier for you to create projects here.

1 – Click on – Create a new project

Create new project in Visual Studio 2022

2 – Select your project templates from the list.

Create new project in Visual Studio 2022

3 – Enter your project name and click next.

4 – Select Framework. In Visual Studio by default, you have .NET 6 as a selected framework.

5 – Click Create. That’s all. Your new project in Visual Studio 2022 is ready.

Enjoy Coding and happy learning.

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