5 new features in C# 10

In this article, we will look into 5 new features in C# 10. .NET 6 was released on November 8, 2021, and C# 10 works with .NET 6.

C# 10 new features

C# 10 introduces below new features.

1. Record Structs

The keyword Record was introduced with C# 9. Record is used to define reference type which helps to achieve data encapsulation.

You can now clarify that a record is a reference type with the record class declaration in C# 10.

2. Nested property patterns

With C# 10 new feature you can reference nested properties or fields within a property pattern. For example –

{ Prop1.Prop2: pattern }

3. Global using directives

In C# 10, we can use global using directives to tell the compiler that the directives apply to all source file within the project.

Syntax to use global directives –

global using < fully - qualified -namespace>;
global using static System.Math;

4. File-scoped namespace

File-scoped namespace features in C# 10 allow us to declare that all types in a file are in a single namespace.

Before C# 10 –

namespace SampleNamespace
    class SampleClass { }

    interface ISampleInterface { }


In C# 10, the above code snippet can be written like the below –

using System;

namespace SampleFileScopedNamespace;

class SampleClass { }

interface ISampleInterface { }

5. Interpolated string handler

You can create a type that builds the output string from an interpolated string expression. An interpolated string handler is a custom type that converts the interpolated string into a string.

With C# 10, when an interpolated string is used, the compiler checks if the interpolated string is assigned to a type that satisfies the interpolated string handler pattern.

Apart from the above 5 new features in C# 10, there are a few other features like – improvement of structure types, improvement in lambda expressions, Improved definite assignment, CallerArgumentExpression attribute, and Enhanced #line pragma.

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