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In this blog, I have collected 50+ Azure AZ 900 sample questions and answers. The reason for this sample question and answer set is to furnish you with data about the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ 900).

These example questions will make you exceptionally acquainted with both the sort and the trouble level of the questions on the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) exam.

az 900 top 50 questions and answers

What is AZ 900?

AZ 900 is one of the fundamental exams for a candidate working on Azure. The AZ 900 exam is the lone exam expected to get the Azure Fundamentals certificate and a discretionary exam in the wide range of various Azure Paths. This exam is intended for applicants hoping to exhibit fundamental level information on cloud administrations and how those administrations are given by Microsoft Azure.

AZ 900 Exam Pattern

The below table explains the details of the Azure Fundamentals exam.

Exam NameExam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Cost$ 99 USD (Covid impact candidate may take the exam in $ 15 USD)
Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – Learn | Microsoft Docs
No. of Questions40 – 60
Passing Marks700 (70%)
Duration85 Minutes
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Topics to cover for the Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ 900)

Below are the topics which need to cover to qualify for the AZ 900 exam. Check the links step by step.

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Azure AZ 900 sample Questions and Answers

Below are some of the questions collected from various resources.

Q1. Do all Azure regions support availability Zones?

A. – No

Q2. Availability zones can be used with many Azure services, not just VMs.

A. No

Q3. Availability Zone in an Azure region are present in the same data centre? (True or False)

A. False

Q4. Availability Zones are to replicate data to multiple regions.

A. No

Q5. Availability zones in a region are connected with low latency links?

A. Yes

Q6. Advantages of regions.

A. High Availability, Low Latency, Global Reach

Q7. Cost of 2 VMs with the same configuration in 2 different Azure regions are the same?

Answer – No, VM cost varies from time to time and also varies from one region to another region.

Q8. Which database can store JSON documents and can add data concurrently from other regions?

A. Azure Cosmos DB (It is a No Relational or NO SQL Database)

Q9. What configuration in Azure provides 99.99 % availability?

Answer – Multiple VM instances in 2 or more Availability Zones or Azure Regions.

Q10. Data stored in Azure storage has at least 3 copies by default.

A. Yes

Q11. Do every Azure region has multiple data centres?

A. Yes

Q12. What is Azure Traffic Manager?

A. It is an Azure service that permits a user to have a DNS-based traffic load balancer

Q13. An organization plans to move one of the apps to Azure.
It is found that the newly moved app to Azure has low usage in summer but high usage in winter.
What Azure Cloud Services will support budget management for clients?

A. Elasticity

Q14. Customer is responsible for availability when using PaaS?

Answer – No

Q15. In PaaS, customer has access to VM instances?

Answer – No

Q16. What is Azure Stream Analytics?

A. It provides real-time analytics and a complex event-processing engine.

Q17. Do you have full control of the Operating System in IaaS?

A. Yes, in the IaaS model users have full access to OS.

Q18. When an Azure VM is stopped, do you still continue to pay for storage associated with that VM?

A. Yes. Because VM is stopped but storage is still available.

Q19. Azure resources can only access other resources in the same resource group.

A. No

Q20. If you delete a resource group, all the resources in the resource group will be deleted?

A. Yes

Q21. A resource group can contain resources from multiple Azure regions.

A. Yes

Q22. If you set permissions to a resource group, all the Azure resources in that resource group inherit the permissions.

A. Yes

Q23. An Azure Advisor provides recommendations on how to reduce the cost of running Azure virtual machines.

A. Yes

Q24. An Azure Advisor can generate a list of Azure VMs that are protected by Azure Backup.

A. No

Q25. Data that is copied to an Azure storage account is maintained automatically in at least three copies

A. Yes

Q26. All data that is copied to an Azure Storage account is backed up automatically to another Azure data centre

A. No

Q27. An Azure storage account can contain up to how much data?

A. Unlimited

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Q28. Transferring data between Azure Storage accounts in different Azure regions is free

A. No

Q29. Azure Firewall will encrypt all the network traffic sent from Azure to the internet

A. No

Q30. Authorization to access Azure resources can be provided only to Azure AD users.

A. No

Q31. Azure has built-in authentication and authorization services that provide secure access to Azure resources.

A. Yes

Q32. From Azure Service Health, an administrator can create a rule to be alerted if an Azure service fails

A. Yes

Q33. Can administrators prevent service failure from Azure Service Health?

A. No

Q34. Each Azure subscription can contain multiple account administrators

A. Yes

Q35. Azure Cosmos DB is an Azure PaaS Service.

A. True

Q36. Azure Monitor can monitor both Azure Cloud and on-premise environments.

A. True

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Q37. In Azure Active Directory, at least 99.9 per cent availability is guaranteed

A. Yes

Q38. An Azure free account has a spending limit

A. Yes

Q39. Which Azure Database is a global database which automatically replicates data across multiple regions?

Answer – Azure Cosmos DB

Q40. Which service provides an in-memory database?

Answer- Azure Cache for Redis

Q41. Which is the attack on a large basis to down your system in Azure?

Answer – DDoS Attacks

Q42. DDoS Protection Standard is a paid Azure service.

Answer – True

Q43. Which Azure service allows users to allow or block traffic within a Virtual Network based on IP address and port number?

Answer – Network Security Group (NSG)

Q44. Which service provides a dedicated connection between on-premise and Azure Virtual Network?

Answer – Azure ExpressRoute

Q45. Can you convert a free subscription to a Pay as you go subscription?

Answer – Yes

Q46. An Azure resource can access another resource which is in some other Resource group.

Answer – True

Q47. Does Azure Security centre provide all advanced features at no cost?

Answer – FALSE

Q48. If you want an alert if any of the VM is stopped, which service do you enable?

Answer – Azure Monitor

Q49. You want to prevent the accidental deletion of your resources by users. You will enable Delete Lock for that resource? True or False

Answer – True

Q50. Which Azure service offers real-time analytics and a complex event processing engine?

Answer – Azure Stream Analytics

Q51. Automatically prompt a user to change password in case he/ she is login in from an unexpected location. What service you will use in Azure?

Answer – Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Q52. You deployed the virtual machines to two or more scale sets.

You are expecting that services will keep running on the virtual machines, even if a single data centre fails.

Is your expectation will be fulfilled with this?

Answer – No

Q 53. Inbound data from on-premises to Azure is free?

Answer – True

Q 54. Outbound data from Azure to on-premise is free?

Answer – False

Q 55. Data transfer between the same Azure region or the same availability zone is free?

Answer – True

Q 56. Data traffic between different Azure regions or different availability zone is not free?

Answer – True

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