Azure IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning – AZ 900 Notes

In this article, we will see about Azure IoT, Big Data Analytics and Azure Machine Learning. This article is mainly focused on AZ 900 Exam.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, example – Smart watches, Smart Home Devices. IoT devices generate large amount of data on a timely basis.

IoT devices contains hardware which has a sensor to detects temperature, detect geo location, device metrics and more.

Clout IoT Services

Cloud IoT service helps IoT enabled devices to connect and collect data to manage these devices from Cloud.

Data Analysis in Cloud IoT can be done in below stpes –

  • Connect IoT devices
  • Collect/ Gather data and store it in Cloud
  • Data Analysis
  • Represent intelligence report based on collected data using Cloud AI or Cloud Machine Learning services.

IoT in Azure

Azure offers 3 types of services for Azure IoT

Azure IoT Hub

It allows you to manage messaging hub for IoT enabled devices for reporting programmatically via REST API. Azure IoT Hub is a managed service for bidirectional communication between IoT devices and Azure.

Azure IoT Central

It is the combination of Azure Hub and Dashboard. Azure IoT Central gives you opportunity to focus on transformation with IoT data instead of maintaining and updating.
Azure IoT central represent dashboard with UI. You can create IoT Central application using a 7-day free trial, or use a standard pricing plan.

Azure Sphere

It provides high security against device tempering.
Azure Sphere is useful in ATM, Point of Sale devices, Election Voting Machines

Azure Big Data

  • Azure Synapse Analytics- Earlier known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It helps in developing Big data analytic solution , data integration. It is a relational big data solution.
  • Azure HDInsight – It is a Hadoop based open source analytical service. Azure HDInsight works with frameworks like Apache Hadoop Spark, Hive. It is used for complex data processing and for machine learning purpose.
  • Azure Data Bricks – It is an Apache Spark based analytical service. It helps to build AI based solution using Python, Java, SQL.

Machine Learning in Azure

Machine Learning is a data science technique for forecasting and predictions based on previous data analysis. Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based environment you can use to train, deploy, automate, manage.

Azure Machine Learning studio is a web portal in Azure Machine Learning for low-code and no-code options for model training, deployment, and asset management.

Azure Cognitive Service

It helps developer to create AI based application with API without any expertise in Machine Learning. Azure Cognitive Service helps us to build Language service, vision service, Text to speech service with the help of API.

Azure Bot Service

It is a virtual AI agent which can translate the words and can interact like a human.

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