What is Redis Cache? Redis Cache Explained Simply

Redis is a data structure store that is open source and is mostly used as a database, message broker, or cache. We can consider Redis as a No-SQL data set that stores in its memory explicit key-value pair information consequently supporting steady information when required.

Redis is distributed, fast, and simple to set up. It is known for its speed, as it can perform a large number of tasks each second.

Redis was initially developed as a caching database before becoming a primary database. Redis is the primary database that is used in a lot of modern applications. In any case, most Redis specialist organizations support Redis as a reserve yet not as an essential data set.

Redis Cache

How data stored in Redis?

Redis uses a key-value format for its data storage, making it simple to quickly store and retrieve data. It likewise upholds a great many information types, including strings, hashes, records, sets, and arranged sets.

How many keys can Redis handle?

Redis was tested to handle at least 250 million keys per instance, and it can handle up to 2^32 keys.

Because Redis stores all of its data in memory, it is able to access data with high throughput and low latency. In contrast to conventional databases, in-memory data stores do not require a trip to the disk, resulting in a microsecond reduction in engine latency.

How much concurrent connection Redis can handle?

Either 10,000 simultaneous connections or four simultaneous connections per megabyte of memory are allowed on Redis nodes. A node with 1GB (1024MB) of memory, for instance, can support up to 10,000 concurrent connections.

How many databases can Redis have?

The number of Redis databases is unlimited.

What is the maximum timeout in Redis?

Idle connections in Azure Cache for Redis have a 10-minute timeout.

What are the disadvantages of Redis?

Because Redis Cache is a memory-based caching solution, storing a lot of data can be expensive. Additionally, due to its lack of high availability design, Redis Cache is unsuitable for high-availability applications.

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