High salary paying programming languages in 2021-2022

Software Programmers and Developers are among the highest-paid professionals around the globe. For Programmers and Developers, the programming languages they use are the core of their work. They earn six-figure annual salary packages in major countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Australia, Denmark, Japan and China. We have compiled this article for you … Read more

What’s New in Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio 2022 has now been officially introduced with .NET 6. It incorporates many new features and enhancements, for example, AI IntelliCode that can auto-complete pieces of code for you and make the development experience easier. In this article, We’ll cover the Visual Studio 2022 Features that we found useful for developers. It’s Finally 64-digit … Read more

What’s new in .NET 6?

.NET 6 was released on November 8 2021. Dot NET 6 conveys the latest pieces of the .NET unification plan that began with .NET 5. Dot NET 6 brings together the SDK, base libraries, and runtime across mobile devices, desktop, IoT, gaming and cloud applications. Notwithstanding this unification, the .NET 6 environment offers:- Ease of … Read more

Prototype Pattern in C# and .NET Core

In this article, we will learn Prototype Pattern in detail and then we will see how to implement this pattern in C# .NET Core based application. What is Prototype Pattern? A prototype pattern is basically to copy the objects to save time and resources while creating new instances. This pattern is the part of Creational … Read more