Django tutorial with Python

Django – An open source and python based free web development framework. In this article, we will see in detail about Django web development framework. To work with any web application, we need a framework. There are many frameworks for Python available in the industry, which can be used to develop a great web application. … Read more

Built-in Data Structures using Python

In this blog, we will see about Data structures using Python. Friends, Data structure is a very crucial topic in any programming language. So, it is very important to clear the concept of data structure in Python. As we know that Python is a high-level and object-oriented language. There are 2 types of data structures … Read more

Python Modules

A module in Python contains Python definitions and statements. Python modules are similar to a code library. In this blog, we will explore Python modules in details. What is Python Module? A Python module is a set of code which may include functions, classes and variables. Python module is a code which can be imported … Read more

New Breaking Features in Angular 9

Google has finally released the latest one more stable version of angular, i.e. Angular 9. This is one of the biggest updates they have made in the past few years. This release mainly focused on Ivy compiler and run time by default.Before proceeding, If you want to check the Angular version installed in your laptop/computer. … Read more