Android Operating System – Version History of the biggest Mobile OS

Android is a mobile device operating system dependent on an modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, used principally for touchscreen cell phones and tablets. Android started in 2003 as a venture of the American innovation organization Android Inc., to build up an operating system for digital cameras. In October 2003, … Read more

Everything about Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and Exam

What is Project Management? Project management is the arrangement of chose strategies, abilities and devices frequently used to accomplish predefined goals of a project. The project manager possesses the duty to finish and convey the project on schedule and inside financial plan getting every one of the interests of customer and partners. At the point … Read more

AFFILIATE MARKETING – Small Investment and Big Profit

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing refers to a process in which an individual or company markets a product or service on behalf of another entity. It is a very popular way of Digital Marketing which gives you more profit with a small investment. When sales are made, the individual/company is offered a commission for their marketing … Read more

Email Marketing Strategy 2021

Yes, it is the time of the year when everyone looks forward to the experts tofigure out the latest trends of the year. The last year, 2020 has given us many unexpected trends in terms of how wemarket our products and services. It isn’t different for email marketing as well. When the year started, there … Read more

How to use appsettings.json configuration in ASP.NET Core?

Configuration in ASP.NET Core based application is managed with one or more configuration files. Configuration providers read config data in the form of key value pair from multiple configuration sources and the sequence is – appsettings.json appsettings.Environment.json App Secrets for Development environment Environment variables Azure Key Vault In this article we will discuss about appsettings.json … Read more