Microsoft Azure Certification list role wise

Today, in the era of very fast competition, along with knowledge, certification is also very much needed, especially Microsoft Azure if you are working in the field of technology or programming related to Microsoft. Microsoft Azure certification greatly influences your career growth, salary and designation. In this blog, the list of Microsoft Azure certification and … Read more

Microsoft to end web browser by 2021

Microsoft will shut down its web browser Internet Explorer by 2021. This web browser could not stand in front of today’s modern and advance browser, as a result only few percent of people use it today.   Now the company has decided to discontinue it. Many of us will be here who have done most of … Read more

Microsoft Azure Storage – Benefits, Types and More

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure Storage, benefits of Azure Storage and about Azure Storage accounts. What is Azure Storage? Azure Storage provides a scalable, durable space to store data in Cloud given by Microsoft. Benefits of using Azure Storage There are numerous reason you should use Azure storage for your data … Read more

Serverless Computing in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see about Serverless computing in Microsoft Azure Cloud service What is Serverless Computing? Serverless computing a way to abstract the servers or other hardware in infrastructure. It gives you a compute options in Cloud Computing. In serverless computing, infrastructure or hardware is not your responsibility. You pay only for the … Read more

Azure DevOps for beginners

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure DevOps and we will see how to create Projects and Azure Boards in Azure DevOps.  What is DevOps? DevOps is a gradual process which enables continuous delivery to provide an end-to-end tool chain. DevOps starts with project planning and end with project deployment and monitoring. Note: … Read more