Lambda Expression in C# with Examples

A lambda expression is a short way to describe an anonymous function in C#. The abbreviated syntax of Lambda Expression helps to create Delegates and expressions. In this article, we will see Lambda Expression in C# with examples. A lambda function can be used to quickly define a method and then pass it as an … Read more

IQueryable Vs IEnumerable in C#

Both IQueryable and IEnumerable are interfaces in .NET that represent a collection of objects. However, they have some important differences in how they work and when to use them. Let’s begin. What is IEnumerable? IEnumerable lets you iterate through a collection of objects. It only has one method that is defined: GetEnumerator(). This method returns … Read more

.NET 6 CRUD API Example and Tutorial

In this article, We will explore .NET 6 CRUD API example in detail along with the minimal API concept. Let’s start with SQL database connection basic example. Create SQL Database Connection in .NET 6 Console Application In this example, we will create a .NET 6 Console Application to create an SQL Database connection and will … Read more

How to implement JWT Token Authentication in Angular with .NET Core?

In this article, we will demonstrate JWT Token Authentication in Angular with .NET Core. To implement the JWT Token authentication mechanism, we will use the – What is JWT Token? JWT stands for JSON Web Tokens. It is a Token-based authentication to communicate with the REST endpoints in a secure way. It is a JSON-based token so … Read more

Data Structure and its types

A data structure is one of the most important parts of any programming language. In this article, we will see Data structure and its types in detail. What is Data Structure? It is a methodology of organizing data in a specialized format on a computer so that the information can be organized, processed, stored, and … Read more

Mastering SQL Server: Essential Tips for Beginners

In this article, We will cover all the topics of SQL Server. This will work as SQL Server notes for beginners. SQL Server is a relational database management framework created by Microsoft. It is profoundly adaptable and runs on Windows-based machines. Since the arrival of the SQL Server’s first version, the SQL server has continued … Read more

Token-based and Cookie-based Authentication

For any web application or website, controlling user access is very important. Generally, there are 2 important ways to authenticate users, they are – Token-based and Cookie-based Authentication. In this article, we will see about Token-based and Cookie-based Authentication and the basic flow. Types of Authentications   Cookie Based Authentication It is a stateful authentication … Read more