Top 10 Latest Technology Trends for 2021

Today, technology is changing quickly, taking into account faster change and improvement, making development increment until it at last gets outstanding. Nonetheless, technology patterns and driving advancements are evolving What’s the significance here for you? It implies remaining current with new technology patterns. Also, it implies keeping your eyes on trending technologies to know which … Read more

Angular Version History

Angular is a well known powerful web application framework in use today. To provide a better stability and highly optimized web application, Angular has released multiple versions time to time. In this post, you will get brief data of angular version history. So far Angular Team has released the multiple Angular versions. Angular JS It … Read more

What is Cryptocurrency? Easy Explanation.

In ancient times only physical currency existed for trade. However, today notes and coins are our fundamental currency, but we can not ignore the use of digital currency in many business areas. There is additionally a currency, which is totally digital. These types of currency is called Cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency? What’s more, how can … Read more

Android Operating System – Version History of the biggest Mobile OS

Android is a mobile device operating system dependent on an modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, used principally for touchscreen cell phones and tablets. Android started in 2003 as a venture of the American innovation organization Android Inc., to build up an operating system for digital cameras. In October 2003, … Read more

Everything about Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and Exam

What is Project Management? Project management is the arrangement of chose strategies, abilities and devices frequently used to accomplish predefined goals of a project. The project manager possesses the duty to finish and convey the project on schedule and inside financial plan getting every one of the interests of customer and partners. At the point … Read more

AFFILIATE MARKETING – Small Investment and Big Profit

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing refers to a process in which an individual or company markets a product or service on behalf of another entity. It is a very popular way of Digital Marketing which gives you more profit with a small investment. When sales are made, the individual/company is offered a commission for their marketing … Read more