Virtual Machine Series and Size available in Azure Cloud Service

In this blog, I will describe the available sizes and options for Cloud Service. Price vary according to VM size and their capacity. You can read my earlier blog on Cloud Computing and Azure Cloud Service.
Let’s start by discussing the Virtual Machine sizes available in Azure Cloud.
The size of the virtual machine affects various parameters such as price, processing speed, memory, and data storage capacity of the virtual machine.
There are multiple series of VM available in Azure Cloud Service.

Virtual Machine series in Microsoft Azure Cloud

A-Series – A-Series VM is the economical Virtual Machines and are best suited for development and testing environment. These are entry level virtual machines on Azure.

D-Series – D Series Virtual Machines are loaded with numerous features. D-Series VMs are suitable for most general applications. Features like SSDs (Solid State Drives), fast processing makes them suitable for applications which require large amount of memory.

F-Series – They are optimized virtual machine computing. F-series virtual machine features 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of local SSD (Solid State Drive) per CPU core.

G-Series –
The G-series Virtual Machines comes with latest Intel Xeon processors. G-series VMs are more powerful than D-series VMs. G-Series VMs support up to 32 CPU cores and up to 1/2 TB RAM. G-Series VMs are useful for large SQL and non-SQL databases, ERP, SAP and data warehousing solutions.

H-Series – H-Series VMs are high performance virtual machines. H-Series VMs are built on Intel Haswell processor technology with 8 and 16 core VM, both with DDR4 memory.

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L-Series – A storage optimized virtual machine cloud computing. These type of virtual machines are perfect for large local disk storage. L-Series VMs runs on Intel Haswell processor technology.


M-Series – M-Series VMs are the largest memory optimized Virtual Machine to date. These Virtual Machines are perfect for heavy in-memory workloads applications or software such as SAP HANA.

N-Series – These are GPU enabled Virtual Machines. N-series VMs are well suited for extensive graphic workloads. N-series supports the highest-end graphics available in cloud today.

So, after finding a range of virtual machine’s series you might be wondering about the budget. You have decided what VM you require for your business now its time to look into the cost that you will pay. Microsoft has made it easy for you. You can analyze the cost with Price Calculator.

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