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Create and Deploy WebApp in Microsoft Azure App Service?

If you are new to Cloud Computing, please read my earlier blogs on Cloud Computing, What is Azure and Explore Microsoft Azure Service.
This is my 4th blog on Cloud Computing series along with Microsoft Azure.
Let's move ahead, in this blog I will explain - How you can deploy a Web Application in Microsoft Azure.

I have created an Asp.Net website and deployed on Azure App service.
To do this I have used Visual Studio 2015 and I have a Microsoft Azure portal about which I have already explained here.

How to deploy ASP.Net Web Page in Microsoft Azure Services using Visual Studio

So the very first step is to create an empty web site in Visual Studio 2015.
Add a web page with name default.aspx and add some content.
In my case, I have below web page.

Azure with Visual Studio

After adding content get ready to publish your application to Azure. Right click on your web app name in solution explorer and click on Publish.

Web Publish to Azure using Visual Studio

Now below screen will appear. I have already published on Azure so it is showing a profile in drop down.

You just click on Microsoft Azure App Service from 'Select a publish target'

Publish web app using visual studio

Then it will prompt you below screen.
Remember from this step onwards you must have a Microsoft Account with an Azure Subscription either Free or Pay as you Go.

Now login by clicking on the box at right side top corner, leave it if your account is displaying in the box.

Once you logged in, your subscription will display in Subscription dropdown list.
In my case, I have Free Trial for one month.

Now click on New

Publish web app to Cloud Azure Service

You will see below screen, based on your account it will load all data.
Select your App Service Plan and click on Create.

Publish web app to Cloud Azure Service

Now you can see your app service plan showing in the box, click OK

Publish web app to Cloud Azure Service

Now a screen will appear with the server name, site name, username, and password. Refer below screen shot. Click Validate Connection.

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure using Visual Studio

If everything is correct then you may see a green check next to validate connection button.
Click Next

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure

Now you may select configuration either Debug or Release. In my case, I have only Debug configuration.

Click Next

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure

Click Publish

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure

Now your publishing process will start.

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure using Visual Studio

Once publishing is done, your web page will open in the browser.

Publish Web App to Cloud Azure

Till now your publishing has been done your web page is ready to serve over the internet hosting at Microsoft Azure.

Now to see the details you may log in to Azure Portal and you may notice that an App Service with name AzureSharePointCafe is added.

Publish Web App to Microsoft Azure

Now click on App service you created.
See below details.

Publish Web App to Microsoft Azure

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