Facade Design Pattern in C#.Net

Design patterns provide efficient and re-usable solutions in software development. If you are new to Design Pattern, please read my earlier blog – Design Pattern in ASP.NetFacade Design Pattern comes under Structural Design Pattern. In short, Facade means the exterior appearance. It means in Facade design pattern we hide something and show only what actually client … Read more

C# code to convert XML into Dataset

How to convert XML file into dataset in C# programming?In this blog I will show you how we can get XML data into a dataset. What is XML? XML is a markup language developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language. The way to write code … Read more

Oops interview questions and answers

In this blog, I have collected Interview questions and answers of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System). Q. What are OOPS principals? Object oriented is an approach to do programming in C#, Java etc.OOPS Principals – 1. Abstraction2. Encapsulation3. Inheritance4. Polymorphism Q. Is inheritance possible if private constructor declared in paren class? Answer – No. Q. … Read more

State Management in C#

In my other blogs, you may read C# 6.0 new featuresIn this blog, I will explore about State Management in C#. If you have attended an interview as a C#.Net developer, then questions related to State Management is likely to be asked. You may read Important C# interview questions and answers What is State Management … Read more

What is collection in C#

Collection classes are used to store data of specific types. All types of collection support IEnumerable interface. Below are collection classes used in C#.net, all classes come under System.Collection namespace. List – An array does not allow dynamic resize, but a list allows dynamic size. Example: List<int> list = new List<int>(); list.Add(1); list.Add(5); list.Add(7); list.Add(10); … Read more

Exception handling in C#

Exception Handling in C#. Most .NET languages support exception handling. Essentially, when an error occurs in the application, the .NET Framework throws an exception that represents the problem. You can catch this object using an exception handler. If you fail to catch exception, code will be aborted, and the user will see an error message … Read more

Difference between interface and abstract class

Difference between abstract class and interface is one of the most asked question in interview.Lets have a look on difference between interface and abstract class.  Abstract Class vs Interface  Abstract classed can have implementation for some of its members, but interface can not have implementation of any members.  An interface can not contain fields but … Read more