Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC 5

As you know, Routing is the important building block in ASP.NET MVC application.Apart from convention-based routing, MVC 5 supports attribute routing.In this blog, we will see attribute routing in MVC 5. What is Routing? Routing is the way to map your action of a controller.  For more details view this blog MVC routing in details. … Read more

How to add constraints in MVC Route

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ActionResult in MVC

Controllers executes all incoming requests using Action method. An ActionMethod may return different type of result. In this blog, we will see about ActionResult of an ActionMethod in details. So, What is ActionResult? ActionResult is the base class for all action results in MVC.Whenever you create a controller class, a default action is created like … Read more

Differences between RenderBody and RenderSection in ASP.NET MVC

In my earlier blog, I wrote about _ViewStart.cshtml file and MVC Routing. In this blog, I will write about RenderBody vs RenderSection in MVC. @RenderBody() vs @RenderSection() RenderBody() – RenderBody() must be available in Layout view i.e. it is mandatory for Layout view RenderBody() does not take any parameter. A @RenderBody() in Layout page look like … Read more

What is ViewStart.cshtml in MVC?

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MVC Routing in Details

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How to bind drop-down list in ASP.Net MVC?

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