How to bind the Dropdown list with hard code values in MVC?

In my previous blogs, you can read about MVC. In this blog, we will see how to bind @Html.DropDownList with static values. Bind Static values with a Dropdown list in MVC Below is the code to bind Dropdownlist in MVC with static values. <div class=”form-group”>  @Html.Label(“Technology”)  @Html.DropDownList(“–Select–“, new List<SelectListItem> { new SelectListItem{ Text=“MVC”, Value = “MVC” … Read more

MVC Architecture

In this blog, we will try to understand the MVC Architecture with the help of a diagram. MVC Architecture MVC consists of 3 main words: Model View Controller Apart from above mentioned elements one another important element is there in MVC, called Routing. To know more about Routing in MVC Click here. MVC architecture works … Read more

MVC Version

MVC was first introduced in .Net 3.5 framework.MVC 1.0 was available in year 2009 with following features:Routing, HTML Helpers, Auto Binding. Since then multiple versions were introduced with various .Net framework. Versions of MVC After MVC 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, MVC 5.0 (MVC 5.2.2 and MVC 5.2.3) Now Microsoft has introduced core versions of MVC … Read more

Razor View and ASPx in MVC

In MVC 5 we have only one way to create View which is Razor View, the file extension of razor view is “.cshtml” But before MVC 5 we had one more option which was ASPX, now in MVC 5 ASPX has been removed and currently, Razor view is available with MVC 5. Razor View vs … Read more

My first ASP.Net MVC Program

In all my blog I will be giving example/code in context of Visual Studio 2015.So first create a MVC project in VS 2015. My first ASP.Net MVC Program File-> New -> ProjectSelect Web from templates (from left side) and ASP.Net Web Application from middle section, click on OK. Now select MVC from template section and … Read more

Introduction to ASP.Net MVC

In this blog, we will know about ASP.NET MVC.This is my first blog on MVC.  We will see below topics in this blog – 1. What is ASP.NET MVC?2. A relation between ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.3. Why MVC?4.The lifecycle of MVC application 1. What is ASP.NET MVC? MVC – A commonly used software design pattern. MVC … Read more