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In this article, we will look into details about Software Architecture or I would say a Good Software Architecture and related things.

What is Software Architecture?

Software architecture is the establishment of software, so software frameworks that do not have a strong architecture make it harder to meet the prerequisites as a whole. Poor architectures will prompt executions that neglect to meet the quantifiable objectives of value ascribes, and they are commonly hard to maintain, deploy and test.

Software architecture is a progression of choices. Probably the soonest choices come from planning the architecture, and these convey a serious level of significance since they influence the choices that come after it.

For a compelling turn of events, purposefully consider software architecture before you begin composing your first line of code.

More about Software Architecture

Software Architecture incorporates a few contributory factors like Business methodology, quality credits, human elements, plan, and IT setup.

The more noteworthy the size and intricacy of a software framework, the more you will require a thoroughly examined architecture to succeed. Software architecture gives various advantages when done appropriately, which enormously increment the possibilities that the software framework will succeed.

At first, software architecture plan contemplations were considered during the underlying period of improvement, as changing the software is harder in the later stages.

Microservice Software Architecture

In a microservices architecture, the whole software application is partitioned into more modest practical modules that are loosely coupled. This, thus, makes it simple to emphasize and carry out primary changes by working in coordinated phases.

Microservice architecture is a self-contain process that offers unique business capabilities. Micro Services makes complex and large application deployment process easier.
But, before describing Microservice architecture in detail we should first understand distributed technologies we already have in the industry. Read More…

Why is Software Architecture Important?

Software architecture has an immense significance on the remainder of the project and becomes undeniably challenging to change the more we advance all the while. A well-defined software architecture guarantees basic support of quality, which further works on the software.

A software architecture will characterize the issues you may experience with regard to execution. It likewise shows the authoritative design and settles on it a lot simpler to make choices and deal with all kinds of progress. It likewise allows us to improve the time and cost estimates of a software application.

A good software architecture model as microservices will make the support simpler. Not exclusively will your company save time, yet it will likewise amuse the clients with normal and fast updates.

Major software architecture principles

The SOLID principles are a standard software development practice that should be followed in all software applications which helps to achieve good software architecture. They set the norm of how to write a program with clean architecture.

S (Single Responsibility) – The very first principle says that a class should be created for a single specific purpose. It means a class should not be responsible for multiple tasks.

O (Open Closed Principle) – This principle says that a class or function should be open for extension but should be closed for modification. This is one of the very important SOLID Principles in C#.

L (Liskov substitution Principle) – If S1 is a subtype of T1 then the object of S1 may replace the object of T1. It means derived types can be substituted for the base types.

I (Interface Segregation Principle) – The Interface Segregation Principle says that there should be multiple Interfaces instead of a single interface. This will not force the client to implement interfaces they do not require.

D (Dependency Inversion Principle) – This SOLID design principle says that a high-level module shouldn’t depend upon a low-level module. It basically avoids tight coupling and helps us to develop an application which code is testable, maintainable.

SOLID Principle in C#

Goals of Software Architecture

  • Understand all the utilization cases and situations.
  • Enhance quality and functional performance of the software.
  • Handle both functional and quality prerequisites.
  • Speedier update in software

Who can be a Good Software Architect?

A Software Architect gives an answer that the specialized group can make and plan for the whole application. A software architect ought to have aptitude in the accompanying areas.

  1. Design Expertise
  2. Technology Expertise
  3. Domain Expertise
  4. Software Methodology Expertise

Characteristics of a Good Software Architecture

  1. Scalability
  2. Performance
  3. Security
  4. Reliability
  5. Testability
  6. Deployability
  7. Maintainability

Requirement for a Good Software Architecture

A software architect should characterize the arrangement plainly – what he hopes to make, in view of the worries of the various gatherings of clients who will interface with his software.

They ought to think about the accompanying all through the software architecture and advancement process:

Worries of the end clients, including behaviour, reliability, performance, security, availability, and usability.

Tools to design Software Architecture

  1. Enterprise Architect
  2. Microsoft Visio
  3. Lucid chart
  4. Visual Paradigm
  6. Graphviz

Good vs Bad Software Architecture

The below tables highlights some of the main characteristics of Good and Bad software architecture.

Good ArchitectureBad Architecture
Changes for a specific business requirement takes place in one part of the system. Changes for a specific business requirement takes place in more than one part of the system.
The system can be extended with the minimum amount of code changes.Small system extensions required multiple changes.
Easy to maintainMaintenance is making life harder
More re-usable componentLess of no re-usable component


Good software architecture assists with keeping up with the nature of the software all through its lifetime. It helps in separating software into microservices that make the board more easily.

Decisively, great software architecture is beneficial over the long haul, as it is simpler to alter it. This can save developers’ time while it serves the clients’ evolving necessities.

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