Azure App Services and Web Apps

In an earlier blog, we have explored “What is Azure?
In this blog, we will see – Azure App Service and Web Apps. An App Service consists of Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, Function Apps.

What is App Service?

It is a service that hosts one of the below applications.
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • API Apps
  • Function Apps
  • Logic Apps
For Microsoft Azure Certification list visit this link 

Microsoft Azure Certification List

What is App Service Plan?

App Service Plan defines the resources to be shared among App Services. App service Plan can be selected during deployment.
Below are the criteria to define an App Service Plan.
  • Location
  • Pricing Tier (Amount of storage, amount of memory, no. of cores)

How to create an App Service Plan in Microsoft Azure

To create App Service Plan and other resources in Azure Portal, Please read my earlier blog on Getting Started with Azure

What is Web App?

It is a web application that is hosted in an App Service. App Service enables you to deploy a web application in Azure Portal and make it available over the internet.
Languages which are supported in Azure Web App-.Net, Java, PHP and Python
You can use continuous deployment using tools like Jenkins, TFS, Github.

How to create Web App?

To create Web App and other resources in Azure Portal, Please read my earlier blog on Getting Started with Azure
There are more than one options to create Web Apps

Microsoft Azure Marketplace – You can create Web Apps from Azure Marketplace. Search for the desired Web Apps like WordPress, Umbraco etc and create in your Azure Portal.

Visual Studio – You can create Web App in Visual Studio and publish it to App Service. Let’s see how to create a Web App in Visual Studio.

Create ASP.Net website in Visual Studio and deploy it as a Web App

In my one of the blog, I have explained about Creating ASP.Net website and deploy to Azure using Visual Studio 2017

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