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What is Xml Serialization

Lets first understand Serialization.
Serialization is the process of converting an object into a format that can be transferred over the network.

Introduction to .NET Core

Till now website/application developed using .net framework can be hosted only on windows platform. So what if someone wants to deploy .net framework based application on Linux or Mac, earlier there was no solution but now it can be achieved using.NET Core.
So let's start by introducing.NET Core.

What is AMP HTML?

In today's digital world everybody is looking for a quicker response from serving side. A web page serves content over the internet for users.  A faster web page response will make readers happy. In the same context organization like Google working to give the fast outcome.

AMP HTML is an open source which gives you high performance across devices. Google search results display AMP icon 

Facade Design Pattern in C#.Net

Facade Design Pattern comes under Structural Design Pattern. In short, Facade means the exterior appearance. It means in Facade design pattern we hide something and show only what actually client requires.

Thread Safety Singleton

If you are new to design pattern please read my blog on Design Pattern then read about Singleton Design Pattern.
So let's continue about Thread Safety Singleton.
There are various ways to implement Singleton Design Pattern.
No Thread SafeThread SafetyThread Safety using Double Check LockingLazy Instantiation

How to create dynamic HTML tags

How to create HTML tags dynamically? In some cases, there might be a requirement to create HTML tags dynamically.

Singleton Design Pattern vs Static Class in C#

If you are not aware about Singleton Design Pattern, please read my earlier blog here -
ASP.Net Singleton Design Pattern

ASP.Net Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton Design pattern belongs to Creational Design Pattern. Singleton Pattern ensures that only one instance of the class exist through out the application life cycle.

Web Service to return data in JSON format

Web services are those services which are available over web to communicate between systems.
By default Web Service returns data in XML format, now if the requirement is to return in JSON format then we need to do modification in web method.

WCF vs Web API

WCF stands for Windows communication Foundations.
WCF and WEB API both supports REST architecture then what are the differences between these 2 and when to choose.

Understanding WCF Bindings

Binding describes that how a client will communicate with WCF service. It tells that what protocol will be used to communicate, as WCF supports various protocols like HTTP, TCP, MSMQ, Named Pipes.

Binding determine transport protocol i.e. TCP, HTTP, message exchange format i.e. plain text, XML

You may go through to my earlier blogs to know about ABC of WCF


What is ABC of WCF? WCF service comes in existence with an valid EndPoint.  An endpoint consists of 3 major components.

First WCF Service Application

In this blog, i will be creating a WCF service application project.
So let's follow these steps to do this.