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How to bind drop-down list in ASP.Net MVC using Model

In the previous blog, we have seen 'How to bind drop-down list in ASP.Net MVC'
I have collected MVC tutorial topics, please have a look.
In this blog, let's see how to bind dropdown list in MVC using Model?

SharePoint 2013 central admin app pool keeps stopping

Hi All, after a few days of gaps I am writing blog on SharePoint 2013. In past few days, I was busy writing about ASP.Net Web API and MVC. One of my blog Top 20 interview questions and answers is favorite among the readers.
In this blog, I will try to solve an issue which I faced recently in SharePoint 2013.

How to bind drop-down list in ASP.Net MVC

In the previous blog, we have seen 'How to bind static values with Dropdown in MVC?'
I have collected MVC tutorial topics, please have a look.
In this blog, let's see how to bind dropdown list in MVC?

How to bind Dropdown list with hard code values in MVC

In my previous blogs, you can read about MVC.
In this blog, we will see how to bind @Html.DropDownList with static values.

Twitter API to get specific hashtag data using C# ASP.Net

These days, social media specially Twitter rules the internet world. Twitter is one of the most famous social media channel. Daily we are seeing something is trending on twitter, that means a particular term or word is getting high in popularity with a hashtag.

In this blog, we will see how to get tweets with a specific hashtag or analytics of a specific hashtag.

Top 30 SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and Answers for Developer

In my earlier blog, I have already collected SharePoint 2010 interview questions and answers. In this blog, I will write about SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and answers.

Believe me, I have collected top SharePoint 2013 interview questions which will help you to qualify interview in various organizations.

SharePoint: Usage files are not deleted, file is open in SharePoint 2010 Timer

If you have worked on SharePoint 2010, you must have come across .usage file in LOGS folder. Location of this file is hive-folder/Logs.
The main issue with .usage file is you can not delete all the files and additionally these files will keep growing in numbers and in the result, your drive space will keep reducing.

10 Facts about AMP

In an earlier blog, I have discussed over AMP Pages. In this blog, I will write on 10 facts about AMP everyone should know. Recently I wrote on Http GET and POST.

ASP.Net Web API - Media Type Formatter

This is another series of Web API blog. In the previous blog, we have seen about Web API Security, Routing in Web API.
This blog will help you to understand Media Type Formatter in ASP.Net Web API. Earlier I have already written about "How do I get ASP.Net Web API to return JSON"

GET vs POST- 10 differences between GET and POST

In the previous blog, I wrote  - .Net Core Introduction, Angular JS for ASP.Net developer, Microservice Architecture C# 6.0 new features

In this blog, let's understand GET and POST method in details.
GET and POST are 2 important HTTP verbs. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) manage the request-response between client and server.

ASP.Net Web API Security

If you are new to ASP.Net Web API then please start from the beginning level. What is ASP.Net Web API? In the previous blog, I wrote about Routing in Web API. You may also like .Net Core Introduction and MicroService Architecture.

I have also explained, How to create a secure Web API? in my earlier blog.
In this blog, let's discuss the Web API security in details.

Get data from SharePoint list and store in SQL Table - C# Code

In previous blog, I wrote about "How to Export SharePoint list items in Excel using PowerShell script".

In this blog, we will see how to get SharePoint list items and store them in SQL table.

PowerShell Script to export SharePoint List in Excel File

In this blog, I will write about "Export SharePoint list items using PowerShell Script".

Access first , 2nd, 3rd ......nth item in Repeater control

If you are an ASP.Net Developer, you must have used Repeater control to bind data from any data source. The data source could be XML, SQL etc.
Rather than describing how to bind data with Repeater Control, in this blog, I will describe how to access nth item to apply CSS.

LINQ to perform operation with DataTable in C#

If you are a C#.Net developer, then you must be familiar with DataTable and LINQ.
In C#, a DataTable is an in-memory object to represent data in tabular format i.e. rows and columns.
Once you get data in a DataTable object there could be the various operation that can be performed.

Top 10 benefits of storing data in Cloud

Today "Cloud Computing" is accelerating like a rocket in IT industry. You can say that it is Cloud era and will continue for many years.

If you want to know more about Cloud Computing, Click Here to explore more about it.

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions - 70-532 Exam Topics

Hi all, In my earlier blogs I have written about Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure. In this blog, I have listed all the topics of 70-532 exam. After clearing, 70-532 exam a candidate will be certified as "Microsoft Specialist: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification."

All you need to know about .Net Core Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools

The .NET Core command-line interface (CLI) is a new cross-platform tool for developing .NET based applications. Tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) can rest on CLI. CLI can be thought as a foundation of IDE like Visual Studio.

What is Container or Container-based Virtualization?

In my other blogs, we have seen about Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.
In my earlier blog, I wrote about .Net Core, In this blog I will write about Container-based virtualization.
What is Container?
A container is isolated but shares OS with related apps, bins, and libraries. Container or Container-based Virtualization is promoted by the company called Docker Inc.

Virtual Machine Series and Size available in Azure Cloud Service - Choose which VM suites your business

In this blog, I will describe the available sizes and options for Cloud Service. Price vary according to VM size and their capacity. You can read my earlier blog on Cloud Computing and Azure Cloud Service.
Let's start by discussing the Virtual Machine sizes available in Azure Cloud.
The size of the virtual machine affects various parameters such as price, processing speed, memory, and data storage capacity of the virtual machine.

List of services available on Microsoft Azure Cloud

If you are new to cloud computing, please read my earlier blogs on Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure. I have explored Azure portal with my account, click here for more details.
In this blog, I will write about a list of service, features offered by Microsoft Azure.

Azure App Services and Web Apps

In an earlier blog, we have explored "What is Azure?"
In this blog, we will see - Azure App Service and Web Apps. An App Service consists of Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, Function Apps.

Send SMS using C#. Integrate SMS gateway in website

In this blog, I will write about How to send SMS using C# code.
You all must have received SMS related to OTP (One Time PIN) on your mobile for various kind of transactions from different websites or App.

Monitoring and Scaling Web Applications in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see how to send alert in case of high cpu utilization or high memory usage and scaling operation in Microsoft Azure App Service. In Scaling operation we will see how to perform horizontal and vertical scaling.