Getting started with Microsoft Azure

If you are new to Microsoft Azure, then please read my earlier blog on Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure introduction.

In this blog, I will explain how to create resources in Azure Dashboard and will show you screenshots. This will be a totally new experience for me as well because I am also new to Cloud Computing and wanted to share my experience through my blog.

Also, I will show how you can create a trial of Azure account.

So let’s first create a trial of Microsoft Azure.
Follow below steps.

1. Go to

2. Click on Start Free button.

3. Now read the details. And again click on start free button.

4. Log in with your Microsoft Account.

5. Once logged in, you have to fill the personal details along with your credit card details. Microsoft will charge a very nominal amount, in my case, it was 2.00 INR for the trial account. Now once everything is done your Azure dashboard will appear.

Exploring Microsoft Azure Portal

For Microsoft Azure Certification list visit this link 

Microsoft Azure Certification List

Once your Azure azzount is ready, now you can create new resources like SQL Database, Load Balancer, Storage, Apps etc.

If you have worked on Microsoft technologies like SharePoint or then you must have used SQL.

So let’s first create a SQL Database in Azure.

Click on SQL Database from left side panel.

Your screen will change to:

How to create resource in Azure portal
Click on Create SQL Databases 
Fill required details.

DataBase name – MyAzureDemo

Resource Group – AzureDemo

Select Source – Create a blank database or backup or select Sample database

In Server Configuration, enter below details.

Server name, admin login, password, select location and click on Select button from server configuration column.

Leave rest thing as default and click on create.

How to use Azure Portal?

You may see Deployment is in progress, it might take few minutes to finish this.

Now your SQL Database has been created. If you want database connection string then click on show database connection strings

How to use Microsoft Azure Service

Now it’s time to write some basic SQL Query. Click on Tools. Select Query Editor and log in with your SQL DB credentials.

Paste your query in the editor and click on run. Once executed you can see the result in the bottom of the query editor. In my case, I have used a SQL script to create a table called User and insert 2 records.

How to use Azure services?

You may connect this Database from your local SQL Server Management Studio, to connect this you must allow your ip to access this. If not allowed you may see below error.

How to use azure portal?

Similarly, you can create any new resource in Azure Portal.

Suppose you want to create DevTest Labs Tool which comes under Developer Tools.

To create this resource, Click on New -> Developer Tools -> DevTest Labs and Click on Create

Azure Dashboard

So Till now, you are able to create a new resource.
As my blog is based on development experience so I will discuss Developer Tools available in the Azure portal.

DevTest Labs – It helps development and testing team to create VM in just a few click on Azure to deploy and test the applications.

Application Insights – This tool answers your below questions

Is the website available all the time?

Is the user experience responsive and usable?

API Management – Create an API gateway and developer portal in minutes

Few other Developer Tools are RevenHQ, Team Project

Hope you are ok with the introduction with Azure Dashboard.

In upcoming blogs, I will share my deployment and other developer tools experience in the Azure Portal.
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