What is Operation Contract in WCF Service?

In my earlier blog I wrote about Contracts and Service Contract. Please refer this link Service Contract in WCF Here we will learn about Operation Contract. Operation Contracts are nothing but the functions or methods exposed to the client which may or may not return to perform some logic at server end. A simple Operation … Read more

What is Service Contract in WCF?

Service Contract in WCF Contracts in WCF are very important. Contracts are responsible for how to communicate, what protocol to use and what message to send. Following contracts available in WCF: Service Contract Operation Contract Data Contract Message Contract Fault Contract We will see all contract one by one with the help of practical implementation … Read more

WAS Hosting in WCF Service

As we all know that IIS 6 supports HTTP protocol only.Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) supports non-http protocols in IIS. So, WAS helps WCF service to host with HTTP and NO-HTTP protocols such as net.tcp.Once you changed binding in the config file to netTcpBindingYour service will throw this error. Don’t worry there is an easy … Read more

Self Hosting a WCF service

As we know WCF supports various hosting options. Self Hosting is one of them.What is Self Hosting?WCF allows hosting a service in an application such as Console Application. Create a Console Application Project to host a WCF Service.  Add WCF Service project Reference in this Console Application.  Delete existing App.config file.  Add new App.config file.  … Read more

How to Host a WCF Service in IIS

If you are new to WCF services then please read my earlier blogs. Go through with this link – WCF Tutorial step by step. WCF supports a various way to host a service. In this blog, I will explain about Hosting a WCF Service in IIS. How to host WCF service in IIS? Step 1: Create … Read more

WCF tutorial – Learn WCF quickly

WCF tutorial – Learn WCF quickly WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation and used for developing distributed system. WCF services can communicate with.Net applications and Non-Microsoft technology as well. ABC of WCF (A)   Address – Where to bind, which is also called as EndPoint (B)   Binding – How to bind (C)   Contract – What to … Read more

Introduction to WCF.

What is WCF? WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation. The main use of WCF is to develop distributed system. WCF main feature is interoperability. What are Advantages of using WCF?1. Interoperability2. Scalability3. Enhance security and reliability compared to ASMX (Web services) WCF services have following elements Message – This is the object which gets exchanged … Read more

WCF tutorial for beginners and experience

WCF stands for Windows Communication foundation. It is used for developing distributed system. Below are the topics which are important in WCF for beginners and for experience as well. WCF Introduction WCF vs. Web Service WCF Architecture ABC of WCF First WCF Application WCF Binding WCF- IIS Hosting WCF- Self Hosting WCF- WAS Hosting WCF- … Read more

Basics of WCF Architecture

WCF Architecture WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation, introduced by Microsoft. WCF is one of the popular technology to build Service-Oriented Systems. WCF is the unified model for all existing distributed technologies by Microsoft such as ASMX Web Service,.Net Remoting. WCF supports HTTP, TCP, MSMQ and other protocol as well to communicate. Following image explains … Read more

WCF vs Web Services

Most useful and most asked question in an interview is WCF vs Web Services.It could be asked in various form like Why WCF is better than Web Services WCF and Web Services both are the implementation of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), both are SOAP-based services. WCF supports other formats as well apart from SOAP but … Read more