Azure Regions, Availability Zones, Availability Set and Scale Set in Azure Cloud

In this blog, we will see about Regions, Regions, Availability Zones, Availability Set and Scale Set available in Azure Cloud. All these are very important for AZ 900 exam. Azure Regions Region is basically a Geographical location.Azure provides 60+ regions across the Globe. Benefits of Multiple Azure Regions – High Availability Low Latency Data Redundancy … Read more

Azure Database

Azure DB gives an organized way to store data in Azure. Azure DB distributes databases in multiple zones and regions which gives high availability.It increases durability by making copies and transaction logs in more than one zones and Azure region. Database Categories in Azure Azure offers multiple database categories to store your data. Azure SQL … Read more

Microsoft Azure Certification list role wise

Today, in the era of very fast competition, along with knowledge, certification is also very much needed, especially Microsoft Azure if you are working in the field of technology or programming related to Microsoft. Microsoft Azure certification greatly influences your career growth, salary and designation. n this blog, the list of Microsoft Azure certifications and … Read more

Microsoft Azure Storage – Benefits, Types and More

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure Storage, benefits of Azure Storage and about Azure Storage accounts. What is Azure Storage? Azure Storage provides a scalable, durable space to store data in Cloud given by Microsoft. Benefits of using Azure Storage There are numerous reason you should use Azure storage for your data … Read more

Serverless Computing in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see about Serverless computing in Microsoft Azure Cloud service. This article is written as per AZ 900 exam preparation. What is Serverless Computing? Serverless computing is a way to abstract the servers or other hardware in infrastructure. It gives you computing options in Cloud Computing. In serverless computing, infrastructure or … Read more

Storage account in Microsoft Azure

Storage account in Azure is a modern data storage place where we store data and files. In this blog, we will see what are storage services available in Azure and How to create an Azure Storage account? Azure Storage Account Azure storage provides huge scalable storage for data objects as well as for file system. … Read more

Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

In this blog, we will see What is a Virtual Machine? and How to create a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure? Also, we will look into few points in context of AZ 900 exam. What is a Virtual Machine? Azure virtual machines provide a fully configurable and flexible computing environment. You may create VM in … Read more