What is Service Oriented Architecture?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a style to design software system where 2 or more component communicates with each other over a network through a defined protocol. Advantages of SOA architecture. Loosely Couple – A component in SOA architecture must be loosely coupled. One service does not require to know the technical and platform details … Read more

Learn OOPS concept in simple and easy way

In this blog, We will see Object Oriented Programming Principal in simple and easy way. What is Object Oriented Programming Concept? Object oriented is an approach to do programming in C#, Java etc. Before object oriented programming structural programming model was in use. C programming language is an example of  structural programming. But the problem … Read more

How to Crop and Upload image using JQuery

In this blog, I will explain how to crop an image and then upload that image using jQuery. Here you will come to know about preview an image, and then crop that image and finally upload it using jQuery and C# code.  This implementation has been done using jQuery, so no post back only smooth … Read more