How to debug Production Apps in Azure ?

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In this blog, I will write about how to debug production Apps in Azure.

Debugging code in production

Writing code and debugging to find an issue is a normal task for a developer. But, debugging code in production is the toughest task for a developer doesn’t matter your application is in on-premise or in the cloud. One main reason is you do not have IDE installed in the production environment to debug the code. Another reason could be you are not aware of at what steps an error occurred.
Now in Visual Studio 2015, you may find 2 new features – Snappoints and Logpoints. These 2 features will allow you to debug production code.
Snappoints helps you in code debugging and Logpoints enables you to add temporary logging.
Snapshot Debugger – It allows you to debug the production bugs directly into the live environment. Snapshot Debugger puts almost zero impact to Apps running in production.
Unlike normal breakpoint, it doesn’t halt your application. Instead of that it just takes the snapshot of current objects and continues. You can put breakpoint by pressing F9, similar to what we have done till now. You can set your own conditions for debugging.
To use these features you require Visual Studio 15 enterprise edition and higher.
Note: Till date i.e. 23-Sep-2017, Snapshot debugger is currently in preview.
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