What’s new in .NET 5 ?

.NET 5 is one of the major releases after .NET Core 3.1. Note that, there is no .NET Core 4.0. This is to avoid confusion with the existing .NET Framework 4.x.

In this post, let’s explore the new things in .NET 5

When was .NET 5 released?

.NET 5 was released in November 2020.

Is .NET 5 different than .NET Core?

.NET 5 is the next major release after .NET Core 3.1. Microsoft, dropped the word “Core” from the name to indicate that this is the future of .NET. It supports more platforms and apps than .NET Core and .NET Framework.

Is .NET 5 a replacement for .NET Framework?

No, .NET Framework 4.x is still supported. .NET 5 is the future of all the .NET frameworks going forward.

What’s new in .NET 5 ?

Let’s look at the new things in .NET 5.

  • Web Forms – Web Forms are no longer supported in .NET 5, however, developers will have ASP.Net Core Blazor and Razor Pages as an alternative for Web Forms.
  • Windows Workflow – This is also not the part of .NET 5. We can use Open Source Core-WF or Elsa Workflow to fulfill the requirement.
  • .NET 5 is paired with C# 9 – With .NET 5 a developer has the latest version of C# language.
  • Support of F# version 5
  • Enhanced .NET Library performance
  • Windows Arm64 Support – Application developed in .NET 5 can run on Windows Arm64 devices like Surface Pro X. In earlier version of .NET 5 i.e. .NET Core 3.1 you can run your apps on WindowsArm64 , but only with x86 emulation.
  • Improved performance of System.Text.Json
  • Cross-Platform support for System.DirectoryServices.Protocols to work with Directory Services on Linux and MacOs
  • Support for ClickOnce to deploy the application from Visual Studio.

Which version of Visual Studio supports .NET 5?

To work with .NET 5 on a Windows machine, you need Visual Studio 16.8 or later. To work on MacOs, you need the latest version of Visual Studio for Mac.

You may download Visual Studio from this link – https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/

Watch this video to know – How to work with .NET 5 in Visual Studio Code?

Create .NET 5 API in Visual Studio Code


.NET 5 was a big release in .NET family. It is the future of .NET Core and .NET Framework. It is neither a replacement of .NET Core nor .Net Framework. .NET 5 is the next major version after .NET Core 3.1.

Bonus Information

.NET 6 Preview has been already released, the major .NET 6 version is scheduled to release in November 2021.

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