Tips for Voice Search Optimization: Get ahead of your competitors

By looking at title, you must have guessed that this article is about Voice Search and tips for Voice Search optimization.

What do you mean by Voice Search?

Voice Search allows user to search anything over internet using Voice Command. It is one of the fastest growing trends within SEO and digital marketing right now. 40% of adults are doing at least one Voice Search everyday.

It is not only changing the way that people search to find information but also how people do action things with multiple devices like Google, Alexa or Siri.

And, If you are not optimizing your online presence for voice search you will be hurting in coming years.
In future, every one is going to use devices like Google Home or Alexa which are the most common Voice Assistants. Trust me you have to get things in place with your internet marketing, this article will tell you what those things are to be prepared for Voice Search Optimization.

How Voice Search is different from traditional search?

Voice Search is more focused on conversations. The interesting thing is that, mobile related voice searches are 3 times more likely to be location based.
I did a couple examples on this and you can do it yourself. OK Google : “find me pastry shops near me.”

Challenges for Search Engines with Voice Search

Google to find a way to pick up search terms that are a little less clear. This is because as voice keeps growing exponentially and people start using voice to make searches on their phones. People are going to be mispronouncing things and gonna be misplacing words. When human beings talk it’s less organized than when human beings write and can delete things before they do a final submission.

Voice Action vs Voice Search

There are two commands types regarding voice search. Number one is Voice Action and then we have a Voice Search.

So, what’s called a Voice Action?

If you have an android you’d say OK Google if you have an iPhone you say Hey Siri. A voice action is where you want to be showing up at your local business and you want to dominate your city for voice search you need to be vigilant.
It is basically an order or command to Voice Assistant. For example Ok Google : “Call Mom from my Contact”

Voice Search

Get ready for Voice Search so that you can show up first when someone in your market says whatever services that you provide?
Voice Search is basically a How-to search.
For example – Ok Google : “How to install a software in Laptop?”

4 Types of Voice Search Assistants

  • Google Assistant
  • Cortana from Microsoft
  • Alexa from Amazon
  • Siri from Apple

iPhone users are going to see the map results from Yelp and Bing and Apple maps. It doesn’t pull from Google my business. If you have an android device, that taps into your Google my business profile for your Voice Search.

So, if you just do a Google my business optimization you’re not going to be showing up as well for the iPhone searches for voice and then lastly we have a Alexa which also ties with the Microsoft portal and for voice searches it taps into Yelp and Bing.

How to optimize your Online presence for Local Voice Search?

As you know, Voice Search from mobile devices are location based. To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to do some small but important tasks. The short term solution here for you to be prepared for Voice Search is pretty simple.
You have to have photos, reviews, the proper keywords and the right category on all of your profiles across the web.

The four profiles that are most important are YelpGoogle my businessBing maps and Apple maps.
if you get these four profile set up with photos, the right keywords, good reviews and the right category for your business that you want to rank for, your chances of ranking in Voice Search right there just by doing that.
Just by taking the time to optimize these four profiles, you will be ahead of ninety nine percent of your local competition.

One important thing, most people just focus on Google maps when it comes to Voice Search but as it starts picking up steam you’re gonna have to focus more on other sources like Bing maps, Apple maps and these are simple things to do.

If you are looking to optimize your Bing maps all you do is you go to Bing maps portal and you update your Bing map with the same content in your Google maps.
And then for Apple maps you access it at Apple maps connect and do the same.
Now for Yelp, this is different. Yelp is not the same as a search engine map profile like Google or Bing. You need to provide the complete information about what you do and many more.

Tips to increase your Website ranking in Voice Search?

Apart from the above solutions, there are few tips by which you can increase your Website ranking in Voice Search result.

  • #1 – Domain Authority – Increase domain authority to appear on top in Voice Search result. Domain authority is based on Domain age and number of backlinks for your domain.
  • #2 – Quicker Page Load – To be a leader in Voice Search result, you must focus on your page load time. The main reason is that, most of the user with Voice Search will come from mobile devices and sometimes there could be low network speed. And If your website loads quickly with low network speed as well, then you are more likely to get traffic from Voice Search. To test your website load time, go to
  • #3 – Responsive Site – The main sources of Voice Searches are mobile devices. Ensure your website is mobile friendly which we called Responsive site. Doesn’t matter what is screen size, your website should fit into that.
  • #4 – Conversational Content – Make sure you have great content on your website. Also, the content must be more conversational. It means try to add some Q and A into your content. Remember, the answer for a Question must be within 50 words and not more than that. Please don’t put a long and lengthy sentence as a answer. Be quick and short.

Hope you will like this post related to Voice Search based optimization tips and you will also benefit from it.

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