How to Rank Higher in Google Search Result in 2021 ?

In this post, I’ll show you how to rank higher in Google.

What is Google Ranking?

Google ranking actually tells the position of your website when a user searches a keyword in Google. All the websites and blogs want to come on the first page of Google, but for the same keyword or phrase, only 10 website links will appear on Google. It means, if your website rank on 11th position then it will appear on 2nd page. Now a tough competition starts here, to come to the first page of Google.

Because, nobody wants to go to the second or third page of Google, how many times you have clicked on the second, third or fourth page of Google, rarely done.
So if you also run a website or blog, then you will want to appear on the first page of Google. So if you want to rank higher in Google in 2021, read this blog till the end.

How to increase ranking in Google?

There are few points which you can follow and they are still beneficial in 2021 for higher ranking in Google

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is one of the fastest and convenient ways to improve your Google rankings. This is why because you can optimize your page without any dependencies and if it is done in a great way then you are going to see the result soon.

You can utilize the On-Page SEO tips given below –

  1. Do interlinking
  2. Use Proper Title tag
  3. Use Header tags like H1, H2 efficiently within your post
  4. Use Sitemap and submit this to Google (You can submit this to Google Search Console)

Follow this link for more On-Page SEO tips – How SEO helps in Digital Marketing?

Target your focused Keywords

Google search keywords are words and phrases that are related to the topic of your web page. Try to add keywords within your header and title of the content. If possible use your focused keywords in first 100 words.

Remember, Please don’t do keyword stuffing within your page.

Match Your Content to Search Intent

Search Intent is the new buzzword in the world of SEO. Google can now find out if a website is good for a specific keyword. And if people generally get what they’re looking for from your page, you can expect your rankings to improve.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Well, Google doesn’t like to see people landing on a site and quickly navigating away from the website.

A lower bounce rate is directly proportional to higher page ranking. A minimum bounce rate means that the reader likes or is interested in the content you have written.

Use Long tail Keywords

Optimize your page around long tail keywords. If possible keep your long tail keywords in header tag.

For eg – If your target keyword is ‘Digital Marketing’ then you may use few header tags like this ‘How digital marketing works?’ or “What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?” or ‘Top 10 points to consider for a successful Digital Marketing’

Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics instead of mass audiences.

Publish Insanely High-Quality Content

You’ve probably heard that to rank in Google “you need to publish high-quality content”. This is 100% true and remember “Content is the King”. If you have a great quality content then it is easier to rank higher in Google.

Build Backlinks to Your Site

You can’t just post the content and wait for the result. You need to tell people via multiple medium so that they come to your blog or website. Backlinking is one of the greatest medium because it increases your website ranking as well. And, yes backlinks should be from a quality domain. Before taking backlinks, check the website thoroughly because only backlinks from a good website will benefit your ranking.

Guest Posting

Yes, Guest Posting is another simple way to rank higher in Google. Invite users to write quality content for your website or blog, but please don’t spam.

Use of Google Analytic

You posted quality content and getting good results in search engine. Do you like to monitor your website performance? If yes, then use Google analytics and monitor your website visitors and other activities done over your website. Based on that you can take some excellent decisions which will help you to boost website ranking.

Stick to your focused keyword

Don’t deviate your content from the focused keyword, because user don’t want to read any thing which is not related to the page title, so be specific.

Hopefully this blog will help you improve your website ranking in Google.

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