What is SEO and how it helps in Digital Marketing?

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SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is the way toward improving the quality and amount of site traffic in search engine like Google. It’s the act of advancing your site pages to make them arrive at a high rank in the index of Google or other search engines.

How SEO Works?

The search engine will decide the number of pages it crawls and how regularly it crawls each page.

There are mainly 2 forms of SEO that works –

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the act of streamlining site page content for search engines and end users. Normal on-page SEO rehearses incorporate enhancing title tags, content, internal linking and URL structure.

Does traditional on-page SEO actually have an effect in 2021?

Yes, it works with 100% efficiency.

On-page SEO is significant on the grounds that it helps search engines comprehend your site and its substance, also it identifies whether it is pertinent to a searcher’s query. As search engines become more refined, there is a more noteworthy concentration toward pertinence and semantics in internet searcher results pages (SERPs).

On Page SEO Elements

Title Tag – All you need to do is utilize your primary keyword once in the title of your article.

Meta Description – You should write upto 150 characters focusing around your article.

Header Tags – The H1 tag resembles similar to title tag. Ensure you utilize your engaged keyword in your header tags specially in h1 tag. You ought not utilize various H1 tags in a single post.

Canonical Tags

A canonical tag is a method of telling web crawlers that a particular URL speaks to the uniqueness of this page.
Utilizing the canonical tag avoid issues brought about by identical or duplicate content showing up on various URLs.


It is alluded to interlinking the substance on your pages with another. This implies, connecting on a specific expressions or words inside the body text of your pages, to different pages, where important. An internal linking is a link starting with one page on a site then onto the next on that same website.


Sitemap is the URL catalog of your site. It is XML based structure. Website’s sitemaps can be submitted to major search engines like Google, Bing to help them crawl your site better.

URL Structure

The URL of a website page is a solid SEO sign to web crawlers or search engines. If the URL is organized, it is simple to recollect, conveys significance meaning based upon the words used in the URL, at that point it is viewed as a decent URL and is favorite to all search engines.

Each word in a URL ought to be isolated by a Hyphen.

For instance, the URL – www.example.com/what-is-seo is obviously better than a URL – www.example.com/whatisseo. Thus, be specific to your URL and create a clean and meaningful URL structure.

Page Load Speed

A page or media content is shown on the internet browser is downloaded from Website Hosting Servers. You can test your site page speed on different online platform, for example, Google Page Speed Insights. The decrease the web page load time boom the chance of better ranking.

Off Page SEO

These SEO elements incorporate connections from different sites, web-based media consideration, and other advertising exercises outside your own site. These off-page SEO components can be fairly hard to influence as you are asking someone else to view, link your website. The most significant of these off-page factors is the number and nature of links pointing towards your site.

An effective off-page SEO technique will create the accompanying advantages to website owners:

Get higher rank – This is the main outcome of off-page SEO. The site will rank higher in the SERPs and this additionally implies more traffic.

Get good PageRank – Page rank is a number somewhere in the range of 0 and 10 which shows the significance of a site.

Off page SEO Elements

Link Building

Link building is the most well known and viable off-Page SEO method. Essentially, by building links to your site, you are attempting to assemble as many ‘votes’ as could reasonably be expected. The more quality links to your website means the more traffic to your website.

Guest Posting

It is the piece of Link building. You discover sites that acknowledge posts from visitor creators, speak with the website admin/owner of the site and post some helpful substance with a link highlighting your site or blog.

Social Media Marketing

Social media promoting is essential for ‘Off-Page SEO’ and all things considered, it’s additionally a type of third party referencing.

Google authoritatively expresses that social links (likes, comments, shares) don’t straightforwardly affect rankings. The primary explanation is that they can without much of a stretch be controlled or paid for and they don’t speak to an exact image of how mainstream a social posting is.

It ought to likewise be noticed that practically the entirety of the links you get from social media platform are “nofollow”, which implies that they are overlooked via search engines.

Actually, social media links encourages you to acquire traffic to your site.

Client Reviews

Client reviews whether is for your business, website, or product reviews, have a key role to carry out in your rankings. Reviews are the best off-page SEO method for online marketing.

Most of reviews will have the ‘nofollow’ tag yet if they are coming from confided in sites (like Google My Business, Wikipedia, and so forth), they can emphatically affect your rankings.

On-page SEO has to do with exercises you can completely control however with off-page SEO it’s occasionally out of your range. For instance, it is easy to write good content, do interlinking, use proper headings but you can’t constrain somebody to link to your site except if they need to.


Off-page SEO is as significant as On-page SEO. In the event that you need your SEO missions to be fruitful you need to do both.

When contemplating third party referencing don’t take the easy way, however attempt to get links from hard-to-get places. The more troublesome is to get a link, the more worth it has.

For newbie in digital marketing, your essential spotlight ought to be on-page SEO, make exquisite site, compose extraordinary substance and afterward go for off-page SEO.

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