SharePoint: Usage files are not deleted, file is open in SharePoint 2010 Timer

If you have worked on SharePoint 2010, you must have come across .usage file in LOGS folder. Location of this file is hive-folder/Logs.
The main issue with .usage file is you can not delete all the files and additionally these files will keep growing in numbers and in the result, your drive space will keep reducing.


If you try to delete .usage file it will show this error –

The action can’t be completed because the file is open in SharePoint 2010 Timer

Error Cause

As per Microsoft website, the main reason behind .usage file issue is –

This happens when Windows updates KB 2775511 or KB 2682011 or KB 2882822 are applied to the SharePoint servers.

Error Resolution

1. Uninstall the updates applied i.e. KB 2775511 or KB 2682011 or KB 2882822. But this is not recommended.
2. Run the Powershell command to restart the timer service or you can schedule it to run for a specific period.
restart-service -Name SPTimerV4

Once you run above command the .usage files are released and deleted automatically.

Note: If you are scheduling to restart timer service, schedule it for a non-productive hour.

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