Know about .Net Core Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools

The .NET Core command-line interface (CLI) is a new cross-platform tool for developing .NET based applications. Tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) can rest on CLI. CLI can be thought of as a foundation of IDE like Visual Studio.

CLI command name

  • new
  • restore
  • build
  • publish
  • run
  • test
  • type
  • clean
  • help
  • store
  • add package
  • remove package
  • nuget delete
  • nuget push
You may download .Net Core from below link –
Or download Visual Studio 2017

Command (“verb”)

The command (or “verb”) is simply a command that performs an action. For example, ‘dotnet –version’ returns the current version of .Net Core. ‘dotnet help’ returns all the command list and other values which are helpful for a developer. The commands are implemented as a console application using a dotnet [verb] convention.

Command Structure

In .Net Core CLI, the first keyword is ‘dotnet‘ and then argument.
For eg – dotnet new console – This command will create a console application in the current directory.
See below screenshot for more details.

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