Introduction to .NET Core

Till now website/application developed using .net framework can be hosted only on windows platform. So what if someone wants to deploy .net framework based application on Linux or Mac, earlier there was no solution but now it can be achieved using.NET Core.
So let's start by introducing.NET Core.

What is .NET Core?
The core is a new open source framework introduced by Microsoft. ASP.Net core has various architectural changes which make it a great framework for a developer. You can say its a new version of .net.

ASP.Net core apps can run on cross-platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

So how can some one choose between .Net core and ASP.Net Framework.

Go for .Net core, if :
  • You are developing a cross-platform application.
  • You are looking for a high performance and scalable system.
Go for ASP.Net framework, if:
  • You are working on an environment that does not support .NET core.
  • NuGet packages not available for .NET Core.
 If you are using VS 2017 you will get .Net Core in installed template.
And if you are using VS 2015 then you need Update 3 of VS 2015.
You will see “Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Tools”, click on Update.

You will see Microsoft .NET Core 1.0.1 installer.

Once installation was done, Open VS 2015
Go and create a new project, and you will see .NET Core in the template.

See below screen for more details.
You can notice the message in right side saying –

“Project templates for creating ASP.NET Core applications for Windows, Linux and OS X using .NET Core.”

Create a Web Application, and you will see below welcome page.

And solution explore looks like this.

Enjoy development using .NET Core.

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