What is Google AI and how to use it positively?

You must know about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is sometimes called machine intelligence in the field of computer science. It is intelligence, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. In this post, you will get complete information about Google AI. So let’s know what is Google AI and how to use it?

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What is Google AI?

Google AI is a division of Google devoted entirely to artificial intelligence. It was announced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2021. It is an AI system to complete real-world tasks on the phone. AI means Artificial Intelligence i.e. artificial intelligence.

It is a service of Google whose purpose is to organize the information of the world and make it publicly accessible and useful. Google AI helps us work in exciting new ways and also helps solve problems for our customers and the world.

Google AI is making it easier for people to do things every day, whether it’s searching for photos of loved ones or breaking language barriers in Google Translate, typing an e-mail or working with Google Assistant. AI also provides new ways to look at existing health problems.

Google uses AI to boost people’s abilities to enable them to do more and accomplish more, and to help them spend more time on their creative endeavours.

How to use Google AI positively?

To use Google AI, you go to its official website. In this, you will find many categories. Different information will be available in each category like in the education category you can learn coding from google experts.

AI sounds like a far-fetched science fiction concept and you’ve probably heard of it for the first time but it’s actually linked to a lot of things you can do in your daily life, some of which are:

  1. To do the searching – Use it to find images with your favorite furry friends and others in the Google Photo Library.
  2. To play the right music – Google Play Music delivers in personalized research to find the right music for any given moment, taking into account things like the time of day or the weather. Play Music can suggest the right music for cooking dinner or watching the sunset.
  3. Machine learning – Watch over a billion YouTube videos with captions powered by machine learning algorithms that transmit speech in 100 languages.
  4. Auto-reply to Emails – You can quickly reply to emails with Smart Reply in Gmail. Smart Reply saves you time by automatically replying using AI to suggest responses of the day based on the emails you receive.
  5. Interpret or translate – Google Translate uses optical character recognition to detect words and a translation system which they are trained to guess at millions of examples of existing words.
  6. To speak in more than one language – You can interact with your Google Assistant in more than a dozen languages. Many more languages ​​are added to it every year. Google AI is also used in this.
  7. To find things around on the map – AI is used in Google Maps to detect its Street View images and the names of streets. This can be used to find places around you, books, artwork, or even your neighbor’s dog.
  8. To browse the world via internet – This latest in computer vision helps us learn machine learning to recognize objects and browse the world around us.
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