Is AngularJS different from Angular?

Angular is a well known powerful web application framework in use today. To provide a better stability and highly optimized web application, Angular has released multiple versions time to time.

What are AngularJs and Angular?

Angular has a completely rewritten framework, and AngularJS is the very first version of Angular. Some people called it Angular1.x or simply AngularJS.
Angular is one of the popular frameworks for developing fast, maintainable front-end application.

Why it is Angular and not AngularJS?

The first version i.e. AngularJS uses JavaScript as scripting language this is the reason it is called AngularJS.
Angular uses TypeScript.

Development Environment

In AngularJs i.e. initial version we just need to include the angular library and start the development work.
But setting up Angular 2 development environment is quite different.
Before developing an application using Angular 2, we need to install a few support libraries like typescript, node js.

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Angular Versions 

We know that AngularJS is the older version and Angular is currently popular in the industry.
Let’s see Angular Versions and their release date.

Angular 2 released in the year 2016.
Angular 4 released in the March 2017.
Angular 5 release in November 2017.
Angular 6 released in May 2018.

Do we need to learn AngularJS to learn Angular 2/4/5/6?

The answer is No. It is not necessary to learn AngularJS in order to start Angular2/4/6 because Angular2 is the completely new framework. But in case you want to know the basics of AngularJS then read this blog –

AngularJS vs Angular 2

The architecture of AngularJS is based on the MVC pattern.
In Angular 2, the $scope has been removed.

AngularJS is written in JavaScript.
Angular uses TypeScript.

AngularJS or Angular 1.x was not built for the mobile device.
Angular 2/4 architecture is mobile-oriented as well.

AngularJS uses $routeprovider for routing.
Angular 2 uses RouteConfig to configure routing.

Angular2 is much faster than AngularJS.

Summary –

Angular 2 is not an upgraded version of AngularJS. Angular 2 is completely different from AngularJS.
Angular  4 is the upgraded version of Angular 2.
One can start learning from Angular 2, even the person does not know anything about AngulartJS (Angular1.x).
Angular 2 is much faster than AngularJS.
AngularJS follows the MVC pattern.
Angular 2 is a component-based framework.

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