Object initializers and Collection initializers in asp.net ?

Object initializer in asp.net, C#.net 4.0 features.

Object initializers is one of the most important feature of C # 3.0.
What is Object initializers?
Using Object initializers we can initialize a object of that type without explicitly invoking the constructor of that particular type.

Object initializers:
I will explain this with a piece of code:
class Student
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string phone{ get; set; }
    public string city{ get; set; }
Now see the differences:
In C#2.0 we were doing like this:
Student objStudent = new Student();
objStudent.Name = “Chevrolet Corvette”;
objStudent.phone = “45345345”;
objStudent.city= “New Delhi”;

But in C# 3.0 we can use the same thing like this:
Student objStudent = new Student { Name = “Jhon”, phone = “4543432”, city = “New Delhi” };

This is because of object initializers feature of C# 3.0.

Now we will see Collection Initializers:

In C# 3.0 we can do the collection initializers by below code:

          List<Student> listStudent = new List<Student>()
               new Student { Name = “John”, city=”New Delhi”, phone=”24234234″},
               new Student { Name = “Tom”, city=”Mumbai”, phone=”5464564″},
               new Student { Name = “Steve”, city=”Bangalore”, phone=”56756756″},  


Thanks to C# 3.0 object initializers.

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