Top 30 SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and Answers for Developer

In my earlier blog, I have already collected SharePoint 2010 interview questions and answers. In this blog, I will write about SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and answers.

Believe me, I have collected top SharePoint 2013 interview questions which will help you to qualify interview in various organizations.

Top 30 Interview Questions in SharePoint 2013

1. What's new in SharePoint 2013 Development?

2. What is App Model?

3. What is SharePoint-hosted App?

4. What is Provider-hosted App?

5. Migration steps from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

6. What is Licensing Model for SharePoint 2013?

7. What is CompatabilityLevel Parameter?

8. What are MasterPages available in SharePoint 2013?

9. What's new in SharePoint 2013 Search Services?

10. What is continuous crawl?

11. What is Shredded Storage?

12. How App communicates with SharePoint server?

13. What is OData?

14. What is OAuth?

15. Delegate Control in SharePoint 2013

16. What is PortalSiteMapProvider Class

17. Site Definition vs Site Template

18. What are programming models available in SharePoint 2013?

19. SPListItem.Update() Vs. SPListItem.SystemUpdate()

20. How to Publish Apps in SharePoint?

21. What is KQL (Keyword Query Language)?

22. What is FAST Query Language (FQL)?

23. Explain SharePoint 2013 Search Service Architecture

24. What is Office 365?

25. SharePoint 2013 vs SharePoint Online

26. What is Cross-Site publishing?

27. What are permission levels in SharePoint 2013?

28. CRUD operation in SharePoint 2013 list using REST API

29. Timer Service in SharePoint 2013

30. What's new in SharePoint 2013 workflow?



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