What is Parent Content Type in SharePoint 2010?

What is Parent Content Type in SharePoint 2010? As you know content type in SharePoint gives re-usability features. Parent Content Type is a hierarchical relationship between two content types. Parent Content Type defines the properties for a child content type which inherits all properties of parent content type. For Eg Lets create a document library … Read more

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management

What is Enterprise Content Management? Enterprise Content Management can refer to all kinds of sources, including electronic documents, scanned images, e-mail, and web pages. What is Content Type Syndication The act of sharing a site collection’s content types with other site collections in the farm is referredto as content type syndication. Content type syndication enables … Read more

Working with BCS and External List in SharePoint 2010

In this blog, I will explain about BCS (Business Connectivity Services) and how we can implement BCS in SharePoint 2010. What is BCS? BCS stands for Business Connectivity Services. 1.Create a table in SQL.2.Open SharePoint designer. From the navigation pane select “External Content Types”.3.From the New tab in top ribbon click on “External Content Type”. … Read more

Error-The Method GetItems of the type List with id is blocked by the administrator on the server

Recently i was working with SharePoint Client object model, suddenly I face an issue while accessing fetching SharePoint list data. Error was-The Method “GetItems” of the type “List” with id “{Lists’s Guid}” is blocked by the administrator on the server After searching over internet i found the solution and it worked for me: To solve … Read more

SharePoint central administration page is blank after sharepoint installation

I have installed sharepoint 2010 successfully, even i have completed sharepoint configuration wizard with no error, but still i got blank central administration page. How to solve this issue ?I searched over internet and i did below steps and my problem gone. Go to IIS, check the authentication settings for SharePoint Central Administration website in … Read more

Allow unsafe update vs run with elevated privileges in sharepoint

In this blog, we will see the differences between AllowUnsafeUpdates and RunWithElevatedPrivileges What is allow unsafe update and run with elevated privileges in SharePoint 2010? What are the differences between Allow unsafe update and RWEP. AllowUnsafeUpdates Vs RunWithElevatedPrivileges AllowUnsafeUpdates –  AllowUnsafeUpdates is set to true when you are trying to update the database.To GET the … Read more

what are differences between classic mode and claim based authentication in SharePoint 2010

what are differences between classic mode and claim based authentication in SharePoint 2010 Classic mode authentication: This is nothing but windows authentication. It means it will work based on you windows logged in credentials. There is a problem in classic mode authentication. Once a site is created under this authentication then Form based authentication can … Read more

How to work with features in SharePoint?

How to work with features in SharePoint? Feature deployment and activation in sharepoint Feature is used to give some enhancement in SharePoint site. Please follow below steps to use feature in SharePoint site.Paste these two .xml files in below location.C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedwebserver extensions12TEMPLATEFEATURESmyfolderHere is both .xml files. feature.xml (code)<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?><Feature xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/”Id=”5DFD12AF-D0AA-4c63-8FB8-C49DB1191083″    … Read more