Building Blocks of an Angular Application

The main building blocks of any Angular Application are Component, Modules, Template, MetaData, Data binding, Directive, Services, Dependency Injection, Routing. In this blog, we will see main building blocks of Angular one by one. Architecture of Angular 2 moves around component and module and this is one of the major difference between Angular 1 and … Read more

Create Angular App and run using Angular CLI

Once you are done with the installation and setting the local development environment, we will create a new Angular App using Angular CLI. Install Angular CLI To install Angular CLI run this command in command prompt. npm install -g @angular/cli In above command -g means you are installing it globally, if you will not apply -g … Read more

Angular Tutorial – Setting up the local development environment

In this blog, we will see how can we setup development environment in Visual Studio 2017 to run angular 2 application. Angular Installation To setup the Angular 2 environment we need node js, npm and type script. Let’s install these components one by one. First, open this URL – Once Node 8.12.0 installer downloaded … Read more

Is AngularJS different from Angular?

Angular is a well known powerful web application framework in use today. To provide a better stability and highly optimized web application, Angular has released multiple versions time to time. What are AngularJs and Angular? Angular has a completely rewritten framework, and AngularJS is the very first version of Angular. Some people called it Angular1.x … Read more